“Bachelorette” Update: Rachel Lindsay, Emily Maynard, And Ivanka Trump

If there’s anything ABC’s The Bachelorette gives its viewers besides entertainment, it’s probably drama.

The first-ever African-American Bachelorette star, Rachel Lindsay, is almost done filming her season of The Bachelorette, which is set to debut on May 22 on ABC. Let’s check on how previous contestants, like Emily Maynard and almost-contestants like Ivanka Trump, are doing in 2017.

As Rachel Lindsay has traveled around the world to find her love among 30 guys on The Bachelorette, many TV viewers may not know that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, could have been the star of her own season of The Bachelorette.

Although it’s been a decade – back when people thought it’d be an insanity for Donald Trump to be elected president – Ivanka Trump was approached by the Bachelorette team to fill the coveted main role of the single lady on the ABC show.

While former Bachelorette ladies, including Emily Maynard, are currently giving birth and raising kids after finding their true love on the show, it’s somewhat difficult to imagine the not-so-candid-about-her-private-life Ivanka Trump picking and rejecting guys on a television show.

During her famous interview with People back in 2007 – the one in which she said she “loved” her dad’s signature hair – Ivanka Trump revealed that she had been approached to star on The Bachelorette in the main role.

Ivanka Trump, who back then was rising to fame on TV after appearing on her father’s show The Apprentice as a guest judge, revealed that she had been “offered tons of shows,” including the ABC dating game show.

But Ivanka Trump explained at the time why TV viewers did not have the chance to see her get engaged on the ABC show like they did with Emily Maynard and will likely see with Rachel Lindsay.

Saying that she was “flattered” to be offered the chance to star on The Bachelorette, Ivanka Trump said she turned down the proposal because it would go against her “objective of being a great real estate developer.”

Who knew back then that Ivanka Trump would eventually give up her dream of becoming “a great real estate developer” and would make it to the White House as the daughter of the U.S. president.

Rachel Lindsay, the latest single lady who stars in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, whom Refinery29 calls “the antithesis of Ivanka Trump,” is almost done filming the new season of the reality TV show.

In fact, Rachel Lindsay has only two more episodes to film: the overnight dates and the final rose ceremony. That means the first-ever African-American Bachelorette star has already filmed the “meet the parents” episode.

Interestingly, if Ivanka Trump was ever to appear on The Bachelorette, the “meet the parents” episode would have involved Donald Trump himself, who’d likely grill his daughter’s suitors in a way similar to what he does to media reporters nowadays.

But The Bachelorette is truly changing the lives of its former single ladies. Speaking to People last week, Emily Maynard – the Season 8 star – said she could have 18 babies!

Emily Maynard, who gave birth to her youngest son just seven months ago, said that she and her husband, Tyler Johnson, have plans for more kids.

Emily Maynard, who shares three kids with Johnson already, 11-year-old daughter Ricki, and sons one-year-old Jennings Tyler, and seven-month-old Gibson Kyle, says having 18 kids “really doesn’t make that big of a difference.”

“I have three kids now and I feel like once you get past two and you keep adding, it’s just like ‘Whatever.’”

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