Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Hide Baby Despite Limitless Problems Posed By “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” Success

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are infamous for hiding their baby from the public. They have never even confirmed the fact that they are dating, let alone the fact that she was pregnant or had a baby girl this spring. With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 gearing up for a May release date and A Star is Born gaining momentum, it may be smart for the Oscar nominated actor and Sports Illustrated model to give their baby some privacy.

No one in Hollywood has been as successful as they have been in hiding the pregnancy and the birth of their baby from the paparazzi. Even Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes broke after they welcomed their second baby into the world. Irina and Bradley are following in their footsteps by hiding the fact that they greeted their baby girl Lea De Seine into the world on March 21, stubbornly choosing not to share a single detail about her.

In fact, the couple has been able to separate their private lives from the public personas they keep up in Hollywood. They have recently been caught going for a joyride on his motorcycle, showing that they still make time for each other.

“[I]t looks as though Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, 31, wanted to indulge in some alone time on Sunday,” reports Daily Mail. “The 42-year-old and his girlfriend of two years were seen jetting off on his motorcycle.”

Irina has been blessed with small baby bump, which meant that throughout her pregnancy, she was able to hide it in an oversized hoodie or a long winter coat. Even in her second and third trimester, she was not showing signs of pregnancy at all.

“There are not many people who would cause a stir in a long-sleeved shirt and slippers,” reports Daily Mail. “But Irina Shayk managed to do just that as she stocked up on strawberries at a farmers’ market in Los Angeles on Thursday. The famously plump-lipped beauty looked like she was having a whale of a time as she perused the merchandise with her jolly mother Olga by her side.”

The model’s return to Sports Illustrated body was shocking right after giving birth to her baby girl. She posted a picture of herself stretched out on a lip-shaped tube in a pool, only a couple of weeks after the baby arrived.

Pre-sunset ?? #currentsituation

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There has been split reaction to her amazing physical recovery. Many of her fans praised her for “snapping quickly into shape,” but others “lamented that the image promotes unrealistic post-partum body expectations,” according to Vogue Magazine.

“Still others wondered aloud why Shayk chose to share a bikini-clad image rather than one of her new baby, a critique that called to mind the mommy-shamers that took issue with Chrissy Teigen’s decision to enjoy an adults-only date night weeks after giving birth,” reported Vogue. “In terms of parenting priorities, after all, it’s hard to imagine that a pool-bound Bradley Cooper would have sparked the same reaction.”

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 star also has been taking the same approach in guarding the privacy of his home life. When he had to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to promote his upcoming film, he carefully dodged many questions about his baby and Irina, making sure that he does not conflate his personal with public life.

However, with Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s release date already come and gone, it may be a matter of time before Bradley and Irina start sharing details about their home life.

If they are indeed following the footsteps of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, it may not be for several years until they reveal their baby to the world. Because of all the hype that La La Land got, the Canadian actor decided to reveal not a thing about his family life, making a firm barrier between the fans of his work and his life with his daughters and wife.

Do you think Bradley and Irina will continue to guard their private life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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