Bryan Abrams Arrested: Singer Allegedly Put Bandmate In Hospital After Violent Fight

Color him busted. Color Me Badd member Bryan K. Abrams wound up behind bars after shoving a bandmate so hard, they had to go to the hospital!

When R&B goes wrong, it gets really, really “badd.” Bryan K. Abrams, 49, a member of the early 90s group Color Me Badd, was arrested on July 22 following an incident at a concert at the del Lago Casino in Tyre, New York, according to TMZ. While the group was finishing their big hit, “I Wanna Sex You Up,” Bryan walked out on stage and up to bandmate Mark Calderon, 47. Without saying a word, Bryan shoved Mark down, before walking off stage! Mark hit some sound equipment on the stage and was treated at a local hospital for neck and back pain.

As for Bryan, he was arrested for misdemeanor assault. He was booked at a local jail with bail set at $2,000. An eyewitness for this “Badd” blood beatdown tells TMZ that Bran, the lead singer of the group, was having a bad night with his voice during the show. He eventually got so frustrated that he walked off stage. As to why he decided to take out his anger on Mark, that remains unclear. Similarly, the fate of Color Me Badd is up in the air. He will be due back in court on Aug. 28, according to LocalSYR.

Color Me Badd – Bryan, Mark, Sam Watters, 48, and Kevin Thorton, 49 – formed in the mid 1980s. Their debut single, “I Wanna Sex You Up,” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1991. They would follow it with two chart-topping singles, “I Adore Mi Amor” and “All 4 Love.” The group would breakup in 1996, before reuniting in 2010.

“People are just starving for some of that old sound,” Bryan told Entertainment Weekly in 2016, ahead of the group going on the “I Love The ‘90s” tour with Vanilla Ice, Salt-n-Pepa and Coolio. “It feels like a family reunion, because some of these artists we’ve toured with before in the past. So we have a blast when we’re out there…What we’re most excited about, is to show people that we still got it. If anything, I think we’re a little better now than when we were younger because we’re not caught up in all the fun and games that we used to have on the road. It’s one big party between the fans and us.”

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