What were the Bushtucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity 2017? Tasks included the Great Ascent and the Food Factory

I'M A Celebrity left many a viewers skin crawling with the Bushtucker Trials.

Here's the lowdown on the types of challenges Toff and the gang might have faced on the way to the final…

If living in the jungle wasn't difficult enough, the celebs on ITV's reality show also had to complete tasks to get meals.

In each trial, they earned stars by completing challenges.

This could have been eating disgusting grubs, letting wild reptiles crawl over you or something physical like being trapped underwater.

Each token could be exchanged for food – and the more they got, the more meals there were.

If the celebs failed to get any supplies for camp, they had to survive off basic staples like plain rice.

Every week, the public voted for the famous face they wanted to complete the gruelling trial.

The Bushtucker Trials take their name from ‘bush tucker’ – the term given to any native Australian food eaten by the nation’s Aboriginal population.

While some of these morsels, such as witchetty grubs, look more at home in an I’m A Celeb food challenge, others, such as kangaroo meat, are still widely sold in supermarkets.

Given that the celebrities are being put through their various terrifying ordeals to secure some precious meals for the camp, the terminology is very apt.

Last year, fan favourite Joel Dommett got some of the toughest tasks.

In one, he had to wade through rotting food, rats and spiders to find the stars in Food Factory.

He also conquered his fear of heights in the Great Ascent to scale a 100 ft crane and bring the maximum 10 stars back to camp.

And previous years’ trials have provided some equally memorable in moments.

In 2011, Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder was bitten by a snake during a challenge, remaining remarkably unconcerned as medics rushed to treat his wounds.

Fatima Whitbread had to have a cockroach flushed out of her nose during the same series, while Joe Swash wretched his way through a tempting meal of silk worms, cockroaches and crocodile penis during his 2008 appearance.

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