Cardi B Bashes ‘Friend’ Accusing Her Of Drug Use, Prostitution & More: I Don’t ‘F***ing’ Know You

The Cardi/Nicki Feud is taking a step back for a sec! That’s because the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is firing back at an alleged friend throwing major accusations her way. See her heated response!

If you thought Nicki Minaj, 35, was the only person Cardi B, 25, would fight with this week, you were dead wrong! The rapper just clapped back HARD at her alleged ex-roommate Star Marie who posted a live Instagram video claiming Cardi used cocaine and Molly back when she was a stripper, according to MTO. And that wasn’t the worst of the accusations! She also said Cardi wanted to prostitute herself to a client, got Star jumped after a fight and bullied multiple women in the club. So what did the “Bodak Yellow” have to say about all of this? We aren’t sure why she deigned the claims worthy of a response, but she fired back on her own Insta story.

“Just cause we work in the same building don’t mean I f**king know you!” she wrote on a blank background. “I might had say hi and bye and that’s about it! Everybody knows I dance with the same girls from the beginning! Me and you have nothing in common so why would I kick it with you? You need mental health!” She also put up a photo of her posing with three other girls. “When I was a dancer these were the only girls I rolled with and shared anything with,” she continued. “SINCE THE BEGINNING EVERYBODY KNOW that! People all of a sudden want to attach my name with mines! B*tches don’t even have pictures with me. Ya make me f**king sick get off MY D*CK!!

This isn’t the only time we’ve seem Cardi lose her temper lately. The new mom has also been bashing Nicki nonstop since throwing a shoe at her at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7. She posted a lengthy Instagram message about her fellow female rapper, writing, “When you mention my child, choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f**king off!”

And after Nicki called this “clown sh*t,” Cardi stayed on the social media offensive. From videos of fans chanting disses to flattering screenshots of album sales, she’s been not-so-subtly jabbing at the “Ganja Burn” rapper for days on end.

Only time will tell whether Cardi has more to say to Star Marie — or whether her former ‘friend’ will clap back with anything to say in return.

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