Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Andrew Brady gets an incredible makeover – but India Willougby upsets housemates by claiming she has a phobia of drag queens

ANDREW Brady undergoes a drastic transformation in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother to become drag queen Betty Swollocks.

The Apprentice star, 26, can't believe just how different he looks after Ru Paul star Shane Jenek spends two-and-a-half hours making him up.

Revealing the transformation to the rest of the housemates, Andrew is met with cheers from everyone but Ann Widdecombe and India Willoughby.

Ex politician Ann is known for her Conservative views and looked less than impressed, while transgender housemate India previously stated she has a phobia of drag queens.

Addressing the house, Andrew says: "How mad is that? You have done an unbelievable job. I've been sitting there getting done for two-and-a-half hours and I've got so much respect for you girls now."

American R&B star Ginuwine loved it, while Wayne Sleep inspects Andrew's nether region, which Shane had taped.

The former ballet dancer says: "Look, ladies and gentleman, there's nothing there. It's fantastic.

When Shane asks India if she is having a "traumatic response," she just sits silently behind her glasses.

On the other side of the room, Rachel Johnson whispers to Jess Impiazzi: "She always does this. It always goes wrong."

Jess replies: "It's not offensive. I don't understand."

However, pictures uploaded from India's Twitter account suggest she's exaggerating her fear.

The news reporter is clearly pictured smiling beside drag queens at a Pride event last May, and was complimentary in her captioning, writing: "Conchita – what are you doing here? The fab ladies of @hausofdench @Pride_Diversity.

"Harrogate Pride – fabulous! Fun day @Pride_Diversity – great atmopsphere!!! @ hausofdench🌈❤️."

Elsewhere in tonight's show, India manages to both amuse and shock Amanda Barry and Rachel Johnson in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.




Sitting down for a talk about her sex life, the broadcaster, 51, reveals her first orgasm as a woman came when a Dalek appeared on-screen in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

After India made the bizarre revelation, Rachel managed a polite nod while Amanda was less tactful and opened her mouth in shock.

Discussing the moment with her two housemates, India explained: "My surgery was in September, and then it got to Christmas Day and it was the Christmas Day special of Doctor Who.

"I was sat there with my tea in my lap – eating  away – and then a Dalek came on screen… and I just felt a twinge."

She added with smile: "It was a really nice feeling, and things were getting better."

Apparently non-plussed about the Dalek being the catalyst for India's sexual awakening as a woman, Rachel probed: "So you think sex is better as a woman?"

India then revealed she prefers experiencing sex as a woman as opposed to a man, because men only get a "bang".

She explained: "When I was a guy, when the moment came it was like whoosh… bang… you know, a moment of satisfaction?

"Where as now, it was like strange for me, because you hit that moment and then you give a little bit extra."

However, it seems that things may have been confusing for India at first, as she joked: "The only thing I'm disappointed about is that when they give you surgery they should give you a map!"

Amanda managed to get in a cheeky quip, replying: "They should give men a map!"

CBB continues tonight on Channel 5.

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