Celebrity Big Brother’s first nominations to take place live and face-to-face TONIGHT

CELEBRITY Big Brother will hold its first nominations LIVE tonight.

Rylan Clark-Neal revealed on CBBBOTS that in an extra twist the housemates will all be voting face-to-face, with Maggie Oliver, Malika Haq, Courtney Act, Amanda Barrie and Jess Impiazzi all immune.

As the spin-off show’s panel discussed the nominations they all felt that India Willoughby and Dapper Laughs will be first to face the pubic eviction.

Transgender journalist Paris Lees said: “I think it’ll be India, I wanted her to fly the flag for us, but I don’t think she’ll be there much longer.”

While Pauline McLynn added that she thought Dapper would also be up, but India should go for the sake of her mental health.

If India is nominated it’s unlike that the public will be on her side after she compared her drag queen phobia to the racist Black And White Minstrels Show.

The transgender news reporter, 51, was upset after Andrew Brady, 26, dressed up in drag and transformed into Betty Swollocks.

Despite his sincere apology that he didn't mean to upset her, India went on to reveal why she didn't like it in antagonistic fashion.

She overstepped the mark with viewers when she compared Andrew entering the room in drag to the infamous TV show, saying: "Like in the old days when black and white minstrels would put on a show and everyone would cheer."

The Black And White Minstrel Show was a prime time BBC series that ran from 1958 until 1978. It's white cast performed songs in blackface and at its peak it pulled in audiences of 21million.

Venting on Twitter, viewers wrote: "WOAH! India just compared drag to the Black & White Minstrels. No. #CBB

"Wow I can't believe India just compared her phobia of drag queens to black people seeing black and white minstrels… #CBB

"Black & white minstrels…oh no she didn’t #cbb

"#CBB. Did India actually just liken drag to black and white minstrels???? FFS someone shut this silly woman up. Self obsessed, boring and destroying her career. Also fairly ill informed.

"You can’t compare drag queens to black and white minstrels- that’s outright racism!! How could she even say that. #cbb.

"Did India just say drag queens and the black & white minstrels were similar? Not quite… #CBB."






The moments leading up to the heated argument in the living room saw Andrew ask a sulking India: "You OK, sweetie? I just wanted to apologise. I didn't want to offend you."
Once he'd left the room, India sniped: "Hope I didn't p**s you off… joke."
Minutes later, she stormed into the living area and exclaimed: "I want to explain why that upset me."

With a glass of wine in hand, she declared: "I was crying. I am a woman."

She went on to say, she didn't like that a man in a dress entered the room and invited people to laugh at it.

Andrew did his best to explain he was trying to break down gender stereotypes, being a camp lad himself from a macho background in Yorkshire.

India dismissed his comments, causing Andrew to storm into the garden and label her "a d***head".

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