Chance The Rapper Releasing New Album This Week

Chance the Rapper‘s new album will be released this week.

The Chicago artist told The Chicago Tribune in an interview that the release of the unnamed album will coincide with the Special Olympics 50th anniversary celebration concert on Saturday.

“Chance the Rapper is finishing the follow-up album to his Grammy-winning 2016 release Coloring Book, which he says will be out in a few days, ‘just in time for the Special Olympics,” reads a message on the newspaper’s Twitter handle.

According to Chance, “the big concern for artists now is navigating the legal issues of owning your music, your publishing, your distribution. It has been difficult for me to release music with artists who work with the majors. A lot of stuff I’ve worked on hasn’t come out since Coloring Book because it’s hard when collaborating with artists limited by record deals,” he told The Chicago Tribune.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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