Chris Soules” Issues Revealed, Source Says He Had Trouble Being Out Of The Limelight

Ever since Chris Soules was involved in a fatal accident, a lot of information has been revealed about him and his past. Radar Online shared that Chris grows corn on Robert Berry’s friend’s land. Now Robert Berry is speaking out about the amount of drinking that Chris Soules did before this wreck happened.

There have been accusations that Chris may have been drinking before the accident, but so far, this has not been proven. Chris was driving his truck when he ran into the back of a tractor, and the man on the tractor lost his life.

Berry explained that Chris drank a lot while he was working fields. Here is what he had to say about Soules.

“He’s quite the drinker. My friend told me that when she goes to her farm, she sees a string of empty beer cans all over the field. He just drinks them while he’s working and throws them on the ground when he’s done.”

Berry feels Chris was having a hard time being out of the limelight. Chris was on The Bachelorette before being chosen as The Bachelor. After that, he went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Chris was pretty used to being in the spotlight, and now that his time on reality television is done, a lot has changed. There was speculation that Chris Soules would be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, but after this wreck, it sounds like that is over. His relationship with Whitney Bischoff didn’t last, and if Chris has found love since the show, he isn’t sharing with fans.

Berry even went on to make it sound like Chris Soules could be doing a bit more than drinking.

“Ever since he came back from Los Angeles, everyone was saying that Chris got involved with other things besides drinking. I mean, it seems quite odd that he would run into the back of a tractor on a clear road, with no obstructions. He definitely was not in his right mind.”

The police have not confirmed at this time if Chris Soules had alcohol or anything else in his system at the time of the accident. Chris was arrested for leaving the scene of the accident and later bonded out. They did get a warrant for his blood test, so the results will be revealed soon. A 911 call proves that Chris Soules did contact the police about the accident, but then he left the scene of the accident and went home. It was hours before officers got the chance to talk to him about the wreck.

Another source revealed their thoughts about Chris Soules and made it pretty obvious that they are not a fan.

The source said, “Some people around here really didn’t care for the guy because he thought he was better than everyone else. He always wore nice clothes, and his family farmed a lot of acres. He sometimes talked down to people. Sure, he was on the Bachelor show, but now since that’s down the tubes, he’s just a regular farmer like everyone else.”

When Chris was done with reality television, he went back to his normal life, where he was just a working farmer.

Are you shocked to hear that Chris Soules was allegedly drinking so much since his time on reality television was over? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss The Bachelorette when it starts airing on May 22 with Rachel Lindsay trying to find love. A new season of Bachelor in Paradise will air after Rachel’s season is over this summer.

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