Conrad Hilton Arrest: Paris Hilton”s Brother Allegedly Yelled Homophobic, Racist Insults At Cops

Video footage of Conrad Hilton’s arrest at ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon’s home on Saturday suggests that the troubled youngest brother of Paris Hilton had launched into a homophobic and racist rant at the arresting officers.

Early on Saturday morning, 23-year-old Conrad Hilton was arrested on charges of grand theft auto and violating a restraining order previously filed by his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Daily Salomon, back in 2015. Reports suggest that Conrad had allegedly broken into the home of Hunter’s father, Rick Salomon, and stolen the latter’s Bentley, before driving to the home shared by Hunter and her mother, Rugrats voice actress E.G. Daily. A report from People suggested that the Hilton family scion’s bail was set at $60,000, though at that time, it wasn’t sure whether he had retained an attorney for his case.

Conrad Hilton, prior to Saturday’s arrest, had multiple brushes with the law in previous years, including assault charges stemming from a 2014 incident where he reportedly got belligerent on an international flight, verbally threatening to kill passengers and crew alike. He had also been ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment in January 2016, due to alleged violations of parole and failed drug tests.

People added that Hilton has been on parole since 2015, and had also admitted on June 6 of last year to using various drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. He then spent the next two months in jail for those admitted violations of his parole.

(L-R), Conrad and Paris Hilton with parents Kathy and Rick. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for PCA]

While it hasn’t been confirmed as to whether Conrad Hilton was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his arrest, exclusive video obtained by TMZ suggests he may have been very uncooperative and abusive when police arrested him at Hunter Daily Salomon and E.G. Daily’s home. Based on the video, Conrad allegedly yelled a homophobic slur at an officer he accused of holding his penis and yelled “rape” afterwards. But it wasn’t just homophobia purportedly coloring the young Hilton’s words at the time of his arrest, TMZ adds.

“Law enforcement sources say he also used the n-word. The person who shot the video bleeped that word.”

Aside from the homophobic and racist language allegedly used by Conrad Hilton on the arrest video, he was also shown screaming profanities at the police officers, invoking his famous family’s name while doing so.

“I’m Conrad motherf***ing Hilton, don’t you forget it.”

Recent statements from E.G. Daily, as reported yesterday by the Inquisitr, suggest that the man who had once dated her daughter Hunter has had a long history of unpredictable, obsessive behavior, and may have “something going on in (his) head.” She also suggested that jail wouldn’t be the answer for someone dealing with such issues. As it turns out, Daily’s not alone in believing Hilton may have some mental health issues that may be contributing to his supposed actions.

Conrad Hilton’s ex-girlfriend, Hunter Daily Salomon. [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Seventeen]

On Sunday, the publication also spoke to Hunter Daily Salomon, asking her if she’s afraid of Conrad Hilton following his arrest.

“Am I afraid? It can be scary because I don’t think he’s well right now. I don’t know what a person when they’re not mentally there.”

The 21-year-old Hunter added that she doesn’t think any advice she could give to her ex would make any difference at this point.

While one cannot say for sure whether the actions that led to Conrad Hilton’s arrest were those of a young man in need of professional help; the history between his and his ex-girlfriend’s family is an interesting one. Conrad’s older sister, reality star-turned-businesswoman Paris Hilton, had dated Hunter Daily Salomon’s father Rick, with the two of them appearing in a controversial sex tape that leaked out in 2003, as the Daily Mail recounted.

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