Coronation Street fans stunned as Billy is stabbed – before confessing to Peter that he killed his sister Susan

CORRIE viewers were in a state of shock tonight as kindly vicar Billy Mayhew end up stabbed in the leg – before confessing to Peter Barlow that he killed his sister Susan.

The troubled vicar had just been defended by Peter as a "good man" in court during his assault trial, and after a chance encounter with a thug outside the building, Billy was left bleeding to death in the Barlow patriarch's car.

Billy had been given a metal gift by little adopted daughter Summer which he had kept in his pocket – which, when the stranger kicked him in the leg, had sunk into his flesh.

Once Peter and Billy realised there was a blade sticking out of Billy's leg, they got into the car – and kindly Peter tried to stem the flow of blood.

But Billy was soon muttering that God had given him "what he deserves" with the injury, adding: “Tell Todd and Summer that I love them.”

Horrified fans then watched him confess to Peter how he and Gareth had left Susan for dead after running her over.

Running out of energy, a sickly-looking Billy confessed: "I tried to atone, I've tried so hard but it's not enough, it was never enough."

Shocked by hearing this, Peter than almost took the pressure off Billy's wound, letting him die, but decided not to – just as the ambulance arrived.

Susan was killed by a car on the M6 way back in 2001 – while driving with a young Adam Barlow, who sustained only minor injuries.

Until now the truth about who killed her has remained unknown to all but the guilty party, Billy, and his criminal cohort Gareth – with whom he'd carried out a robbery before the crash.

During Billy's stabbing, his poor partner Todd, and their would-be daughter Summer, were preparing a cake for Billy to celebrate his court success.

Viewers could not believe Billy's hopes of happiness had been dashed for good – by a horrible twist of fate.

One tweeted: "Billy has a serious death wish", while another wrote: "How will Peter react what will he do ? It's bad enough being stabbed Billy he will finish u of now!".

Other fans were trying to guess how this might tie in to future storylines – with disgraced Bruno Langley, who plays Todd, set for a shock exit.

Billy was fighting for his life in hospital as the episode drew to a conclusion – while Peter visited Susan's grave.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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