Coronation Street spoilers: Lap dancer Bethany Platt takes revenge on Gary Windass for cheating on her mum Sarah

BETHANY Platt is going to take revenge on Gary Windass in Coronation Street.

The teenage lap dancer – who is played by actress Lucy Fallon in the ITV soap – will be left furious when cheating Gary tries to worm his way back into her mum Sarah's life after betraying her with Nicola Rubinstein.

When Bethany sees that Gary is texting her mum again, Bethany decides to take action to put an end to any hopes of a reunion.

Deleting the texts before Sarah can read them, Bethany thinks she's hit on the perfect plan to rid Gary from their lives forever.

Actress Lucy explained: "Bethany doesn’t think that Gary is worth anything anymore.

"Her opinion of men has changed dramatically; she hates them anyway but because Gary has cheated on her mum after everything that her mum has gone through, Bethany can’t understand why Sarah would take him back.

"She is deleting the messages so that Sarah moves on."

But when that doesn't seem to have worked, Bethany hatches another plan to make sure Sarah never considers getting back with him again.

"Bethany is speaking to Sam, one of the lap dancers, about how annoyed she is because she thinks that her mum is going to go back with Gary," Lucy added.

"She comes up with the idea of getting Sam to go in to the Rovers where Sarah works and be all over Gary because she wants Sarah to think that Gary has moved on."

But will Bethany's plan for revenge work or will Gary and Sarah get back together?


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