Coronation Street viewers compare Hope to a 'devil child' as she's caught trying to push her cousin down the stairs

Mum Fiz was cleaning the house when she discovered Hope trying to push her cousin Joseph down the stairs of the house.

Getting Joseph to safety, she spoke to Hope only to discover that she was also the one that was behind the trampoline fire and also locked herself into the warehouse office with a chainsaw.

Seemingly completely uncaring of the trouble she caused, Hope just shrugged her shoulders and walked off without a care.

Viewers of the show were quick to compare her to a “devil child” as well as her own father, the evil John Stape, who murdered Charlotte Boyle and Joy Fishwick before eventually committing suicide.

It was made even more twisted when the accidents were originally pinned on Ruby – Tyrone’s daughter with his abusive ex-fiancee, Kirsty Soames.

One wrote: “PLOT TWIST, I knew Hope was the little devil child all along #Corrie”

“Yss it was Hope all the time let's face it her father was just as bad as Ruby's if not worse #Corrie (sic)”

“Didn't know Hope was related to the devil, trying to get Joseph to jump down the stairs #Corrie”

“I'm not surprised it's Hope not Ruby who's the psycho kid since her dad is John Snape the murderer though #Corrie”

“Anyone wonder them kids are messed up Hope's Dad John Stape was a Psycho and so was Ruby's Mum Kirsty #Corrie”

At the end of the first episode, it was revealed that Tyrone was seeking help for Ruby under the impression that she was to blame for the hazardous incidents.

However, as Fiz now knows the truth, will she confess?

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