Coronation Street viewers horrified as David Platt is drugged and raped by Josh Tucker before watershed

The pair, who have become friends over the past few weeks, had been enjoying a night out which, unknown to David, had been orchestrated to just be the two of them.

After a row with Shona, David was seen chugging back the pints as he relied on his friend Josh for a shoulder to look after him.

However, things took a dark turn at the end of the evening, as Josh spiked his drink with the date rape drug GHB while he went to the toilet.

Despite David being clearly worse for wear, Josh encourages him to down the now tainted pint – before bringing him back to his house.

The night takes an even darker turn as the drugs begin to take effect, and despite David's protests, Josh takes David into his room.

As David lays passed out face down, Josh sinisterly says: "It's gonna be lights on tonight I reckon," before undoing his belt and jeans and shutting the door.

A source previously revealed: "There won’t be any sexually explicit scenes, what has happened to David will be implied by his reaction and behaviour when he wakes up the next day and starts to remember some of what happened.

“With Josh still on the street, David struggles to deal with the shame of what has happened to him. This is a big storyline for Jack and everyone is determined to get it right.”

As the dramatic scenes unfolded, viewers were left mortified at what was to come next -and even threatened to switch off as the rape played out before them.

One wrote: "Switched on to #corrie for 1st time in ages. That shouldn’t have been shown before the watershed, raising awareness yes, but it’s adult content."

Another added: "#corrie. And who thinks scenes like this are appropriate before the watershed? #corrielosttheplot"

"Coronation Street is just going too far now for a soap that is before watershed. #corrie" added a third.

However, others praised the soap for tackling the subject.

One wrote: "David 💔💔 That was tough to watch but absolutely needed to be done, this issue isn't highlighted enough. Well done @itvcorrie"

"Get David vulnerable, drug him so Josh can do what he wants. The traits of abusers. No matter the gender of victim. This is important to show. #Corrie," added another.

A third added: "Difficult watch that tonight with David and josh.. I knew josh was a bad one #Corrie @RClayton92 @JackPShepherd88"

"What hurts the most is that David won't remember and will automatically assume he consented.He is gonna think this is his fault #Corrie," added a fourth.

The next few weeks will deal with David coming to terms with what's happened to him.

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