“Dance Moms” Alum Mackenzie Ziegler Blocks Former Dance Teacher Abby Lee Miller On Instagram

Mackenzie Ziegler proved that she has moved on from Dance Moms by blocking her former dance teacher and mentor on social media. The young star, who has been aided immensely by Abby Lee Miller, apparently wanted nothing to do with her anymore and made it clear by ensuring she could no longer see her page.

Abby Lee figured out she had been blocked by Mackenzie Ziegler when attempting to tag her in a photo to promote her Abby Lee Dance Company sweatshirts and to throwback to a time when most of the original cast was still taking part on Dance Moms. She captioned the photo as “in Europe somewhere.” However, the dance teacher says she attempted to tag Mackenzie Ziegler but had “no luck.”

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The Ziegler sisters are still living in Los Angeles and working on a variety of projects. The pair left Dance Moms at the end of season 6 to pursue other opportunities. After Mackenzie’s older sister, Maddie, danced in the Sia video “Chandelier,” jobs poured in for the young star and the sisters no longer had time to continue competitive dancing.

Recently, Mackenzie Ziegler’s older sister, Maddie, revealed that she was glad she had left Dance Moms behind. While the show is still filming, Maddie said she didn’t see herself ever returning to the series and that the drama was incredibly stressful for her and her younger sister. Maddie has also written a memoir, entitled The Maddie Diaries, which discussed some of the difficulties she faced during her time at the Abby Lee Dance Center. Maddie revealed that she often bit her fingernails to the quick due to nerves and says that if fans rewatch old episodes of the show, they will be able to see her doing so.

Maddie Ziegler recently spoke to an Australian TV show about her experience on the team.

“It definitely was [full-on]. [The producers] create drama because that is what a reality show does. There has to be drama involved.

“Yes, it was that crazy. I am very happy – as much as I loved my time on the show, I am glad to move on so I don’t have to be stressed and deal with the drama. It was really intense.”

Mackenzie Ziegler was often pitched against her sister despite her sister having a bit of a different dance style to her. Because Maddie was the star student, Mackenzie was often asked to emulate her, and Abby Lee Miller even forced her to re-create one of Maddie’s most successful solos, “Cry.”

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Although Maddie Ziegler is getting jobs left and right in Hollywood these days, from a major motion picture to lending her voice to a recent animated film, Mackenzie Ziegler also seems to be enjoying her life in Los Angeles. The younger Ziegler sister has created a successful YouTube channel where she shares her life for her fans to see and keep up with her post-Dance Moms. It seems that the time away from the ALDC, where a rivalry was enforced, has even brought Maddie and Mackenzie closer together.

The pair are often seen on each other’s social media and doing activities together with each other and their friends, proving that sisters can maintain a balance of friendship. Although the two have been seen bickering on Dance Moms, it is clear the girls genuinely enjoy one another’s company and have a lot of fun around each other.

And although Abby Lee Miller may have propelled Mackenzie Ziegler into the spotlight, its clear that everything she has done for her hasn’t erased some of the damage she likely caused Mackenzie. And now Mackenzie Ziegler has a mind of her own and is ready to make her own bold statements.

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