Who is EastEnders’ Charlie Cotton and why has he returned to Walford?

CHARLIE Cotton, Dot's grandson and the apple of her eye, made an abrupt departure from Albert Square in 2015.

But he made his big comeback to the soap 19 months after his exit, and with the help of Max Branning, he was back to his scheming ways. The star is now back again – get the lowdown on his history in the soap.

Charlie originally arrived on the square to inform his grandma Dot Branning of her son Nick's (fake) death.

The truth eventually came out and Charlie made it up to Dot by becoming a devoted grandson to her, immersing himself into life on Albert Square.

He had a one night stand with Ronnie Mitchell which resulted in her pregancy and the pair ended up falling in love and getting married.

They were happily looking forward to the birth of their child when poor Ronnie was mown down by a car and ended up in a coma for months on end, giving birth to baby Matthew.

Charlie was distraught and needed help to cope with the newborn baby, and Ronnie's sister Roxy stepped in to help.

She provided a shoulder for Charlie to cry on, and the two became closer and closer, eventually starting an affair.

After Ronnie came round from the coma and faced long months of recovery ahead of her, the guilty couple couldn't hide the truth from her and Charlie and Ronnie had a bitter break up.

Charlie persuaded Roxy to run away with him and Matthew, however blood ran thicker than water, and Roxy double crossed him – letting her sister know that Charlie was planning on taking her son away from her.

Charlie tried to blackmail Ronnie into letting him take Matthew, forcing her to enlist her old flame, hard man Vincent Hubbard to help.

The pair confronted him, Ronnie got Matthew back and Vincent 'dealt' with Charlie.

Viewers were left wondering whether he died after his wallet turned up in a bin following his confrontation with Vincent.

Roxy was left getting increasingly suspicious about what had happened to Charlie.

Knowing her sister's history, she eventually confronted Ronnie, asking her if she had killed him.

Ronnie desperately phoned Vincent who said he would 'sort it' – Roxy was then seen receiving a phone call from Charlie, reassuring her that he was safe. However Charlie was not seen on screen.

With his ex-wife Ronnie and ex-mistress Ronnie both drowning over the New Year viewers were left wondering what would happen to baby Matthew.

He was cared for by his grieving step-father Jack Branning, but Dot caused tension when she suggested it might be best if Matthew were to go and live with Charlie.

In April, spoiler pictures showed actor Declan Bennett (Charlie) back on set and it was revealed that he would be at the heart of a plot to take his son.

This would oddly be with the help of Jack's brother Max.

Viewers were shocked to see the depths that Max and Charlie would sink to in order to get baby Matthew away from Jack.


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