EastEnders’ Stacey Fowler leaves Walford after destroying her marriage by cheating with Max Branning

STACEY Fowler has left Walford after destroying her marriage to Martin by cheating with Max Branning in EastEnders.

The mum of three – who is played by actress Lacey Turner in the BBC soap – fled Walford with her three children after realising it would take more than 15 minutes for Martin to forgive her sordid Christmas Eve romp with ex Max.

Martin fumed: "You chose Max Branning, and just because the kids are my priority doesn't mean it's all going back to normal because that's what you want."

Stacey replied: "Why did I sleep with Max? Do you want the truth? Maybe because I'm sick to death of being stuck in here with three under tens? Maybe because there's five of us and I always come last?"

"I'm not going to live like that."

But Martin wouldn't back down and instead told her to leave.

He said: "I told you I weren't doing the drama and you have dragged me into some Max Branning drama.

"The man is toxic and you are telling me that you cannot hack sticking around to see how this works out? Well you know where the door is."

And Stacey decided that she would do exactly as he suggested and go out the door.

Packing up Lily, Arthur and Hope, two suitcases and an improbably large double buggy, Stacey headed out to brave the tube with her brood and luggage.

"It's my fault, I messed it up," she said to a mystery caller.

"I can't stay here anymore."

And with that, off they went as Martin sat down to read the goodbye note.

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