Emmerdale fans in hysterics as Charity Dingle POOS in Joseph Tate’s living room as she helps Debbie exact her revenge

CHARITY and Debbie Dingle left fans in hysterics on Emmerdale tonight after trashing Joe Tate's house – and leaving a parting gift he will never forget.

The scorned duo ransacked the evil businessman's house as payback for his plans to ruin their family farm in a bid to make Charity pay for her previous misgivings to mum, Zoe.

After seducing Debbie and tricking her into falling in love with him, she was left distraught when the truth finally came out.

In a bid to mend her broken heart, Debbie went bananas when she noticed a To Let sign going up outside Joe's house – and after failing to remove the sign, resorted to throwing bricks through his window.

When mum Charity saw the commotion, she joined in, and the pair proceeded to kick down his door and go through the house.

As Joe arrived to see the carnage that had ensued, a proud Charity walked out into the village, declared to him he should "give it five minutes", before writing an 'I' in the middle of the To Let sign – declaring she'd turned the cottage into a toilet.


The pair were arrested but eventually released for their reign of terror on the flat, and if things weren't clear enough before, Cain Dingle clarified that Charity had "dropped a load" in the living room.

A defiant Charity then laughed: "Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go."

Viewers were in uproar about the moment, backing Charity's drastic action in her bid to get revenge and applauding her for her moment of glory.


One viewer wrote: "Charity s***ing in the sitting room of the cottage- best thing ever to happen on #Emmerdale almost makes up for Butch’s death"

While a second fan wrote: "Nice one Charity!! Love that To Let became Toilet. It must be pretty much a dump then #Emmerdale"

Another added: "Can’t believe Charity took a dump on the floor! Can’t buy class like that! 😂😂😂 #Emmerdale"


One latecomer to the action was left confused and added: "Late tuning into @emmerdale this evening. Did Charity really do a Poo in the house she & Debbie just smashed up? 😂😂😂💩 #poogate #Emmerdale"

A fifth fan also wrote: "Charity doing a poo in Joseph Tate's house was priceless. #emmerdale"

Others saw the oddly sweet moment was a sign of the family united, and said: "debbie trying to kick the door down and then charity joining in is the relationship i aspire to have with my mum tbh #emmerdale"

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