Emmerdale viewers confused as police officers appear to make major gaffe as they inform Moira a body has been found in search for her son Adam

EMMERDALE viewers were confused last night as police officers appeared to make a major gaffe as they informed Moira that a body has been found in the search for her son Adam.

The scrap metal merchant – who is played by actor Adam Thomas in the ITV soap – fled the village after escaping prison so his mum Moira wouldn't have to confess to killing Emma.

Emma had admitted to her crimes but the police refused to believe her version of events.

During Friday night's episode, the police came to the farm to ask her more questions about her son.

Fed up with the police, Moira snapped at DS Benton and told him she hadn't heard from him at all since he broke out of prison.

He then told her: "We've had a call from interpol, a body has been found. We don't have much information yet but we didn't want to worry you.

"The body was found carrying a fake passport with Adam's picture in, but the body has not been formally identified.

"It was found in a harbour near Prague."

Moira broke down at the thoughts of having lost another child following Holly's death.

Despite the heartbreaking scene, viewers were more distracted by what the police had said.

Many pointed out the Prague is in the Czech Republic which is a land locked country.

Taking to Twitter, many questioned the script writers' geographical knowledge with one writing: "A harbour near Prague? Which harbour near the landlocked Czech Republic then?"

Another said: "'Harbour near Prague' another classic bit of script-writing. Anyone with a brain knows the CZ is land-locked."

However, as many viewers pointed out, there is a small river port in Prague on the river Vltava so the police weren't completely wrong in what they said.

Have we seen the last of Adam Barton?

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5333316/emmerdale-viewers-confused-as-police-officers-appear-to-make-major-gaffe-as-they-inform-moira-a-body-has-been-found-in-search-for-her-son-adam/

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