Emmerdale’s Rebecca White survives Lachlan’s murder attempt as the killer unravels

REBECCA White has survived her nephew Lachlan's deranged murder attempt in Emmerdale.

The comatose millionaire was nearly kaput when her murderous nephew tried to finish her off – fearing she would wake up and tell everyone how he caused the car crash that killed his family.

Unfortunately his most recent murder attempt wasn't that well-thought through and it failed.

But viewers spotted a massive blunder in the episode when Lachlan attempted to kill Rebecca (Emily Head) by squeezing her breathing tube.

Fans of the ITV soap waited with bated breath to see if he would murder his aunt after he caused the deaths of his mother and grandfather.

Earlier in the episode, Lachlan was sent into a panic when Gerry listened to the incriminating voicemail he had accidentally left him on the day of the crash.

Belle stepped in and turned it off and Lachlan later managed to delete the message after asking if he could send himself a copy.

But when Robert said he was determined to seek expensive treatment for Rebecca, Lachlan knew he wasn't safe yet.

He made his way to the hospital where he ranted at a comatose Rebecca that he couldn't let her destroy his relationship with Belle before squeezing her breathing tubes.

This sent her monitors into a frenzy and Rebecca started seizing but viewers noticed a massive error.


Taking to Twitter, fans ranted about how no doctors or nurses rushed into the room when the alarms went off.

One wrote: "Love it how people can sit alone with those in ICU and be able to fiddle with intubation tubes without a nurse in sight! #Emmerdale".

Another said: "Lachlan tried to kill Rebecca in hospital – bells and buzzers going off !! Why didn’t the staff race through? Usually those sort of monitors are linked to a nurses station! Odd #Emmerdale".

Lachlan wasn't able to go through with killing her and Belle found him in tears outside the room.

Despite telling an unconscious Rebbecca that he saw a future with Belle, he then broke up with her saying: "We shouldn't be together, whatever this is, we're done".

He then raced out in tears and punched a wall. Now Rebecca has survived, will she wake up and reveal everything?

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5429636/emmerdales-rebecca-white-survives-lachlans-murder-attempt-as-the-killer-unravels/

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