Exclusive | Rudy Giuliani’s wife filed for divorce after his affair with married woman

WHITEFIELD, N.H. — Rudy Giuliani had an affair with a married New Hampshire hospital administrator before the mayor-turned-presidential lawyer and his wife separated, multiple sources told The Post.

Giuliani, 74, and Maria Rosa Ryan, 53, who is married to an ex-Marine, were spotted together at a resort hotel in late March — a week before his wife of 15 years, Judith Nathan, filed for divorce, sources said.

The former US attorney, who has recently been the face of President Trump’s legal team, first made a public appearance with his married lover on March 29 while touring the hospital she runs — an event that was captured by local news cameras.

A week later, on April 4, Nathan, 63, pulled the plug on her marriage to Giuliani, court records show.

Giuliani — who, as head of global consulting and security firms, has done business for nations, including Qatar and Colombia as well as OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma — told reporters he was touring the tiny, rural hospital that Ryan operates to learn about its cybersecurity program.

Local ABC-TV affiliate WMUR aired video of him walking with Ryan through her 25-bed Cottage Hospital.

“Giuliani said he hopes to take what he can learn in Woodsville and incorporate it into his cybersecurity firm,” the ABC station reported.

But after the hospital tour, Giuliani and Ryan, who lives with her husband, Robert, in Manchester, headed an hour north to the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield.

The thrice-married Giuliani booked the posh resort’s spacious Summit Suite — with views of the Presidential Mountain Range — for the pair.

Past guests at the historic, four-star spot include Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, author Stephen King and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Giuliani and Ryan ate with three men in the resort’s private dining area The Hunt Room on March 29, according to sources. He ordered the $32 beef rib.

After dinner, “the woman went back to his room with him,” a waitress told The Post.

“We were all surprised because he is really getting on in years, and she was quite a bit younger than him. We were all like, ‘Hmmm,’ ” the server added.

Hotel staff noted that while Giuliani didn’t seem as if he was trying to hide his girlfriend from them, he was careful only to meet with Ryan in more secluded areas of the resort.

A male assistant for Giuliani made sure he was on the hotel’s “VIP list’’ and arranged for him to watch “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part II” in its private movie screening room.

“He was VIP, so when he requested the movies, I made sure to have them ready for him,” a hotel employee said. “We all recognized him right away. We were all very impressed.”

Staff described Giuliani as very friendly.

He even spent 45 minutes chatting with a bellman on the veranda before escorting Ryan back to his suite — with its king-size, wood-frame bed, spacious balcony and curated library with titles including “The American Patriot’s Almanac” and John Grisham’s “The Firm.”

Giuliani denied having an affair with Ryan, but admitted they dined together at the New Hampshire resort in March and later watched the Francis Ford Coppola classic.

“I do know Dr. Ryan. She is a friend of mine, so is her husband, Bob. She’s a Ph.D. and a very, very fine woman,” he told The Post on Tuesday.

When asked about their time at the New Hampshire resort, he said he and Ryan shared a meal with two of her colleagues and then watched “The Godfather.”

“I was in effect separated by then,” Giuliani said. But no legal separation was filed prior to Nathan’s divorce filing days later.

When asked again if he’d had a sexual relationship with Ryan, he said, “I never spent the night with her. There’s no proof. There can’t be because we never did anything.”

Giuliani’s divorce lawyer, Faith Miller, did not return calls.

Giuliani — who rose to national prominence thanks to his tough anti-crime stance and highly visible role as the mayor who guided New York City through 9/11 — joined Trump’s personal legal team this past spring. Giuliani said he is focusing on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into any possible ties between his new boss’s election campaign and the Kremlin.

He recently trashed Stormy Daniels — who has accused Trump of having an affair with her — as having “no reputation” because she’s a porn actress.

Days after joining Team Trump, Giuliani jetted to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — although hardly on government business.

He helped defend his mistress’ daughter, Vanessa Ryan, in court against car insurance fraud charges.

Giuliani told the Daily Mail that 32-year-old Vanessa, who was convicted of careless driving in 2016, according to court records, was his personal assistant.

Her mother is “a doctor I’ve known for years,” Giuliani said.

He added, “Her dad was a great Marine, this is the least I can do.”

Vanessa Ryan’s LinkedIn profile says she works for JetBlue. She is not listed on the employee roster for his security firm. When asked if she worked for Giuliani and if she knew about the affair, Vanessa Ryan told The Post on Tuesday, “Whatever story you’re trying to run is completely false, and you can quote me on that. Find a story elsewhere.”

Giuliani married Nathan in 2003, after his second wife, Donna Hanover, accused him of cheating and divorced him in 2002. He and Hanover had been married 18 years. His first wife was a second cousin, to whom he was married for 14 years.

When Giuliani confirmed his split from Nathan to The Post last month, he said, “In these divorce situations, you cannot place blame, it is 50/50. There are problems on both sides.”

Nathan and her lawyer, Bernard Clair, did not return calls for comment.

Ryan — a mom of three who married at age 16 and has her doctorate in health care administration, according to the website for NHIT, Concord’s community college where she studied nursing — was walking the family’s pit bull mix Tuesday outside her home when a Post reporter asked her about the affair.

She called to her husband from the street. He told the reporter to “f–k off.”

When pressed for comment, his wife added, “Go ahead and do it, do what you normally do and ruin people’s lives.”

A day earlier, her husband had waved goodbye to his wife as she left for work, and when she returned home later, the pair snuggled on a chair on the porch of their home.

Giuliani and Nathan don’t have a prenup and are fighting over an estimated $30 million fortune.

Additional reporting by Laurie Mizrahi in Florida

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