Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson slags off Vicky Pattison and claims Charlotte Crosby and Sophie Kasaei ‘hated her’ in new autobiography: ‘It was like living with a she-man’

Marnie Simpson has slagged off the Geordie Shore girls [MTV]

Marnie has revealed all in her new autobiography which is out on June 1, shocking fans with her confession that she had sex with co-star Chloe Ferry, and opening up on the abortion she had aged 19 with former boyfriend Anthony Hutton.

And in one excerpt the 25 year old has slated Vicky, branding her “a she-man” and claiming the rest of the girls in the house, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei and Charlotte Crosby, “pretended to like her”.

Lewis Bloor’s ex said: “I expected [entering Geordie Shore] to be tough, but not as tough as it turned out to be. From the beginning, the girls were stand-offish and I felt like they were all slagging me off behind my back.

Marnie branded Vicky Pattison ‘ruler of the roost'[Getty]

“Scott [Scotty T] and Gary [Beadle], on the other hand, were so welcoming and on my first night, I stuck to them like glue.”

Marnie went on to say that when she spent time with Scott and Gary, some of the girls in the house weren’t happy with her flirty behaviour, but Vicky was apparently the only person who was nice to her on her first night.

However, things soon turned sour when Marnie became to feel intimidated of the girls in the house, including her own cousin Sophie.

Marnie Simpson said she was intimidated by her female Geordie Shore castmates[MTV]

She continued: “Those girls were really intimidating and the boys were terrified of them. They dominated that house. Vicky in particular was such a forceful character. It was like living with a she-man! She needed to be in control of everybody.

“Sometimes I had to walk out to cry and then I’d be too scared to walk back in. A producer would spend ages talking me down.”

The dark-haired beauty said while Holly got on with Vicky, she dubbed the rest of the girls “frenemies” for “pretending to like her”.

Marnie opens up in her new autobiography[Instagram/Marnie Simpson]

“Vicky had been friendly, but as I’ve said before, I found her very controlling. Whenever she walked into a room, I could automatically feel myself backing off because she’d have a snide comment to make and she’d always be armed with a bitchy comeback,” Marnie added.

“They all pretended to like her, but underneath I reckoned Charlotte and Sophie resented her because whether anyone liked it or not, Vicky ruled the roost, and those girls were so competitive.”

In her upcoming autobiography, Marnie also revealed that her on-off boyfriend Lewis Bloor would go missing for “days” at a time.


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