Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry hits the town dressed as Beyonce for his friend’s Hen Night

NATHAN Henry was spotted out on the town with his pals for a hen night – but made sure all eyes were on him as he glammed up as Beyonce.

The 26-year-old star teamed up with pals to dress up as their pop star icons, and Nathan took inspo from queen Bey with a permed ginger wig and glitter body suit.

Clearly feeling his new look, Nathan was soon twerking in the street and even mounted a car in a bid to show his perky bum for the cameras.

He later was seen showing off his chest as the lowcut playsuit gave way.

Outlandish Nathan has never been one to shy away from the cameras, and has recently returned to our screens even more raucous then ever in the latest series of Geordie Shore.

In the first episode alone, Nathan was seen leaving a lasting impression on new housemate Sam Gowland by immediately throwing up next to him into a bin as they tried to get to bed.

Viewers watched him slur, "I'm so sorry Sam but this is happening now," before he leaned over and was physically sick.

In another scene, which was filmed on their first night in the house, Abbie Holborn was shown completely naked and used a soggy cold pizza slice to cover her modesty, so she could stagger up the stairs.

Meanwhile, Marnie was shown urinating into another bin following a wild night of clubbing.

Clearly not feeling any shame, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant pulled down her knickers and relieved herself while squatting in the dishevelled bedroom.

And while most fans of the show appeared delighted by its return, others had mixed feelings about it.

One tweeted: "They really need to end #GeordieShore now. It’s way past it’s sell by date."

Another added: "Even though I continue to watch it every series surely this is going to be the last series of Geordie Shore now, 16 series is enough I think."

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