Georgia Kousoulou says James ‘Arg’ Argent is ‘too selfish’ to have a baby with Gemma Collins – despite getting back with her and knowing she’s desperate for one

Last night’s Towie saw Gemma, 37, tell Arg, 30, of her desire to have children and invest in expensive drugs to make her produce more eggs after learning she had fertility problems last year – and he seemed willing to go along with it.

However later scenes saw Georgia and Chloe Sims confront Arg and question whether he was really ready to become a dad – which lead to him giving Gemma the cold shoulder in bed.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, popular Towie veteran Georgia  warns that Arg should wait before having a baby – even though he knows how desperate Gemma is for one.

She said: “I completely understand why Gemma wants a child, given her age, and she’s always wanted that love. I do think one day they’ll be amazing parents but I don’t think they should rush anything.

“It is a massive deal, it’s not a throwaway comment thing, it’s life changing, but I do think the boys, eg Arg, think, ‘Oh we’ll just do it because it’s the girl’s problem’.

“But no, it’s a two way thing, it’s a very serious matter that you really need to think about and I just don’t think right now is a good time.”

And while Georgia believes that Arg will make a good dad one day, she says deep down he knows he's too selfish to have one now.

She told us: “I don’t think he wouldn’t be a good dad, I just think right now we’re all in a selfish place still and that’s fair enough, I’d be the first to say I’m not ready for children as I’m too selfish, and I just think that’s an honest thing to say, and I think he does know that deep down.

“Sometimes when you’re in a relationship because your partner wants something you go with it, but really when a child is involved that’s not the best way to deal with it.

“You need to be honest with your partner, and it’s alright not to be ready, I’m not ready. But I do think one day he will be an amazing dad, I just think that right now is not a good time.”

Gemma has been very open about wanting to have a baby for years and last year visited a doctor who told her that she had very little eggs left.

Despite Arg knowing this and that she’d want a child soon, Georgia insists it wasn’t wrong for them to get back together.

She said: “Relationships take time, although they’ve known each other for and had this on-going thing, it doesn’t mean because of that that they’re ready now.

“It’s nothing bad on their relationship, it’s just over time it’ll happen.”

Speaking of Chloe confronting Arg she added: “Chloe was coming from a good place she wasn’t saying it to be malicious or nasty, she was saying it as caring friend.

“We’ve all voiced our opinion because we all care.”

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