Geri Horner reveals her dream to reunite the Spice Girls is over and promises to fund Susanna Reid a boyfriend in 2018

GERI Horner revealed that she’s had to “let go” of her dream of The Spice Girls reuniting today.

The pop sensation, 45, told Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain today that after last year’s failed attempt to get the group back together for the 20th anniversary of Wannabe, she’s had to accept it may not ever happen.

She said: “Last year I so wanted it to happen as it was the anniversary and a few of us were really pushing for it to happen and it didn’t so I thought, “Let it go.”

The last time the Geri and the rest of the girls – Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B all performed together was at the Olympic closing ceremony in 2012 and the mum-of-two admitted it’s a tough gig to follow.

She said: “I think everyone took a break it was quite a moment to do, so how do you top it?”

And while Geri appeared to remain positive about her four former bandmates, she managed to “throw shade” at them – apparently accidentally.

She explained: “To get five people to agree all at the same time even if you’ve got five really nice people to say they all like the same colour it’s really hard.”

Not missing a beat, Susanna said: “That was throwing shade – ‘even if they are all really nice’?”

As Ben added: “So some of them aren’t really nice?”

Panicking Geri quickly explained: “No they are really nice, that’s what I was saying, they are all really nice, they’re all really nice girls!”

As Geri might not be diving back into Spice Girls rehearsals it looks like she has found another way to spend her time – finding Susanna Reid a boyfriend.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this on national television,” said Susanna as Geri told her to be herself.

Geri continued: “Whatever it is, whether it’s moody, needy, just be you because you’re gorgeous.”

To which Ben joked: “Moody and needy, yep, yep!”

Geri gushed: “The right guy he might be watching at home right now and think she’s amazing!”

As Ben pointed out: “And most importantly the other thing is that the guy’s gotta be punching above his weight.”

Geri added: “Well he’s gotta think, ‘Wow I can’t believe I got her, she’s gorgeous!’”

Looking embarrassed, Susanna said: “So if you want a moody, needy, 47-year-old…” as Geri chipped in, “Gorgeous, hot, smart, funny!”


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