I’m A Celebrity’s Iain Lee reveals jealousy over Ricky Gervais’s Hollywood success plunged him into drink and drug addiction

I'M A CELEBRITY'S Iain Lee has revealed the jealousy he felt after seeing Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen's careers soar.

The radio star and presenter, 44, claims the envy he felt for his former TV colleagues drove him to drink and drugs.

In an interview with James O'Brien for the site JOE, Iain revealed how he felt about all his co-stars on Channel 4's the 11 O'Clock show going on to have much greater success than did.

He said: "The 11 O'Clock Show launched Ricky Gervais, and Mackenzie (Crook) was on it and Daisy (Donovan) went off to have a big career, and Ali G, all these people.

"And I was the one that was being touted as the…I remember having a meeting with the head of Channel 4 and the phrase 'the next Graham Norton' was kind of spoken about me.

"And then when it didn't happen, partly through self-sabotage, partly through that fear and arrogance combined, party through not sensing the opportunities and the luck, partly not following the luck."

He continued: "I had a lot of resentment, directed at Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen primarily, because they went off to Hollywood to make movies.

"I was thinking, 'Well hang on a minute, that was my game plan, that was my career. Those b******* have stolen my career.'

"So for years I had this real resentment and anger.

"And I was constantly reminded of it because they were on telly all the time."

Iain revealed how he struggled to cope as Gervais and Cohen flourished in Hollywood.

He said: "It was awful, and I drank more and I took more drugs as a result…partly as a result. Not completely.

"Yeah it was horrendous."

Iain recently made up with fellow I'm A Celebrity contestant Amir Khan on Good Morning Britain.

He also recently offered to be the new Dancing On Ice commentator after Matt Chapman quits one week in.

On Good Morning Britain last week Iain – who has been filling in for showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold this week – offered his services as producers scramble to find a replacement.

He then pulled out some sparkly headphones like the ones Matt was wearing on the previous weekend's Dancing On Ice and added: "I am now out of a job, I have got my own headphones, and I'm free at the weekends so if you need anyone I'll come and do it."

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