International Delight Oreo Coffee Creamer Will Get You Excited For Early Mornings

Mornings and coffee go hand-in-hand, and the only way to make the early dawn hours more complete is to add a little cookie to it. International Delight is blessing us all with their Oreo-flavored coffee creamer that is sure to get your mornings started off on the right foot. Even if you’re a black coffee drinker (like me), adding a little bit of Oreo cookie flavor to any brew is a surefire way to have a great day. For those of us who have a hard time in the first part of the day, International Delight Oreo Coffee Creamer will get you excited for early mornings, too.

Oreos are pretty popular, so it comes as no surprise that America’s favorite would team up with International Delight for a creamer made in baker’s heaven. The 32-ounce bottle of International Delight Oreo Coffee Creamer will be available in grocery stores across the United States on Wednesday, July 18. If you’re not sure where to buy International Delight products, stores like Walmart and Target often stock the brand.

The new creamer flavor won’t cost you much more than a regular cup of coffee, either. On average, Americans spend $2.70 on a basic cup of black coffee, according to a U.S. News & World Report from 2015. International Delight Oreo coffee creamer has a retail price of $3.29 per 32-ounce bottle. So, if you buy your own coffee beans or bottled brew, International Delight’s Oreo Coffee Creamer is the most delicious (and cost-effective) way to enjoy your caffeinated beverage.

International Delight is known for their interesting and unique coffee creamer flavors. In addition to Oreo-flavored creamer, the coffee mixer company also produces a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup creamer. They are also known for their Oreo Iced Coffee, which sounds like the perfect way to get my caffeine and a taste of sweet on those hot summer days. You could really go all out and mix International Delight’s Oreo coffee creamer into their Oreo Iced Coffee — just don’t go pointing the finger at me if you get a belly ache.

This is the first time that International Delight and Oreo have partnered up to bring you a chocolate cookie creamer for your coffee. As an Oreo lover, I’m pretty jazzed about this collaboration. I’ve already got Wednesday, July 18 noted on my calendar, so I can run out and buy a bottle when it hits store shelves. International Delight’s Oreo coffee creamer is sure to go quickly, and I want to make sure my fridge is stocked for the long haul.

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