Jeremy Kyle Show thrown into chaos as Jeremy nearly breaks his wrist chasing a guest who stole DNA results and ran off stage

JEREMY Kyle took a tumble during today's The Jeremy Kyle Show – falling on the floor after a failed attempt at getting a piggyback from his security guard.

The chat show host was running after one of his guests when he fell to the floor, almost breaking his wrist in the process.

John, 35, was on the show with his fiancee, Kelly. John was convinced that Kelly has been cheating on him, and that none of their three children are his, and that if this was the case, their wedding would be cancelled.

Kelly admitted to cheating on John, but was adamant the kids belonged to John. Naturally, Jeremy's team did a DNA test to find out the truth.

When it came to revealing the results of the DNA test, Kelly jumped up out of her chair and grabbed the envelope off of Jeremy. She then ran backstage.

A shocked Jezza declared: "Sorry, those are my envelopes and this is my show!"

He then ran backstage to go and get the envelopes back.

But, Jeremy – who was feeling a little under the weather, constantly referring to his sore throat throughout the show – clearly didn't have the energy to run all the way as he attempted to jump on security guard Dan's back.

"Sorry, Dan, I'm jumping on your back! Take me!" Jeremy said.

Dan clearly wasn't prepared when Jeremy came up behind up, and Jezza ended up in a pile on the floor.

"I've just broken my wrist! I've just fallen off Dan's back! I've just broken my wrist – but it doesn't matter. I've got no voice and a broken wrist!"

After Jezza managed to compose himself, he revealed the results of the DNA test.

And it turns out John is the biological father of all three of Kelly's children.

The couple kissed, made up and decided they'll go ahead with their wedding after all.


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