Jinger Duggar Fans Want Her To Be Pregnant Despite Photos Showing A Trim Figure

Jinger Duggar pregnancy rumors have been circulating for the better part of six months. Fans were hoping she would follow in the steps of her older sisters and end up pregnant immediately following her wedding day. That isn’t the case for Jinger, who just celebrated six months of marriage with Jeremy Vuolo. The two are currently living in Texas, several thousand miles away from where she lived with her parents in the Duggar compound. A lot has changed for the Vuolos in the last few months, but having a baby isn’t one of them.

Wardrobe choices have been a huge topic regarding Jinger Duggar. She recently stepped out wearing shorts and pants, which caused a huge stir among the Duggar fan base. It is almost unheard of to see one of the girls wearing anything other than dresses or modest skirts. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar may be hiding a pregnancy behind her clothes. This is something that has turned into a hot topic among critics and fans. It is possible that she is planning to announce a pregnancy, but Jinger has been looking trim in the most recent photos that have been shared on social media.

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Jeremy Vuolo is much more relaxed than Jinger’s father, Jim Bob Duggar. He has preached sermons about clothing choices and the idea that there are some things that are way more important in life. Thoughts about Jinger’s choice to wear pants had turned toward her being disobedient, but it appears that she just wants to experience life with a little less stress put on her about what she chooses to wear.

While with her family, Duggar has been seen wearing skirts like her sisters. Both Jill and Jessa still dress like they did growing up despite being married. Each child is different, and Jinger appears to be more of a rebel than her sisters. It was apparent when she was courting Vuolo that things would be different with this couple.

A pregnancy does not seem to be something Jinger Duggar will announce anytime soon. While it is likely the couple is trying for a baby, it just doesn’t appear to be time for them to expand their family just yet. There have been some mixed reactions among fans about whether they believe she should have a baby right now. Some believe she should enjoy being married to Jeremy Vuolo first and then begin the family life, while others are eagerly anticipating every single day could be the day for a pregnancy announcement. Jinger finally joined Instagram, and that caused a huge uproar about something big coming. Her other married siblings have been on social media for some time now, and she just took the big leap last week.

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Counting On will return this summer with a look into how married life has been treating Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Last season was heavily focused on their wedding prep, and their wedding was aired a second time with more footage. There was some controversy about ratings being down because of Duggar, but it appears that it was overall and not solely because of the heavy focus on Jinger and Jeremy. This season, Jinger will be helping her sister Joy-Anna plan her wedding.

Counting On has not been given an official date for the Season 4 premiere yet. Fans are waiting to find out whether Jinger and Jeremy will have a pregnancy announcement before the season begins, and if they do, plenty of celebrating will happen among Duggar fans. Jinger Duggar appears to be happy in her life with Jeremy Vuolo in Texas, and whether there is a baby or not won’t change that.

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