Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Sisters Pressure Her To Take A Pregnancy Test

Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy is a pressing subject of speculation these days. The former 19 Kids and Counting star is closely monitored by fans on social media ever since she got married six months ago. But it looks like the fans aren’t the only ones who are excited for another Duggar baby. Jinger’s sisters are also on a baby bump alert, as seen on a newly released sneak peak of Counting On Season 3.

In the video acquired by People, Jinger is seen video-chatting with sisters Jill Duggar-Dillard, Jessa Duggar-Seewald, Joy-Anna and Janna Duggar. The four Duggar sisters share a giddy moment grilling the newlywed Jinger as to whether she’s pregnant already.

“So, are you pregnant?” Jill asks Jinger.

When Jinger could only answer with a bewildered “Huh?” they coax her even more.

“Have you taken the test yet?” Jill continues to ask, but Jinger only shrugs them off with a laugh.

Joy-Anna explains that “it is very possible” that Jinger is pregnant already. After all, fans of the hit TLC reality series know that the Duggar family is known for being large. In fact, Jill and Jessa have easily gotten pregnant right after they got married and now have two kids each.

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Jinger married professional soccer player-turned-pastor Jeremy Vuolo last November in front of nearly 1,000 guests in Arkansas. They have since moved to Texas to focus on Jeremy’s ministry. Recently, Jinger made headlines for wearing pants, a known no-no among the Duggar women.

In her recent photos, however, the 23-year-old reality star is back to wearing skirts and dresses. Now fans are asking if is she’s ditching her pants to hide a baby bump. According to the Hollywood Gossip, more and more fans are noticing a growing belly in Jinger’s recent photos, creating an official “baby bump watch.”

However, Jinger and Jeremy are keeping silent about the issue. The newlyweds just joined Instagram last week and have only posted pictures of their wedding.

Meanwhile, Duggar matriarch Michelle, who actively updates the Duggar Family Facebook page, has also not given an announcement regarding her daughter’s rumored pregnancy. But knowing her love for children, fans can assume that she, too, is hoping for Jinger to be pregnant.

In the same teaser video, Jinger gushes about married life, describing it as “amazing.” Counting On Season 3 will heavily follow Jinger and Jeremy’s early days as a married couple, as well as their big move from Arkansas to Texas. Could a baby announcement be the new season’s highlight?

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Since Jinger has neither confirmed nor denied the pregnancy rumors, Counting On fans are left to continue their debate. If she is indeed pregnant, it could be deduced judging from her recent sightings that she is only in her first trimester. Fans could expect an official announcement once the pregnancy is certain and a baby bump cannot be hidden anymore.

Meanwhile, the recent changes in the Duggar family will also be featured on the show’s new season. This includes the birth of Jessa’s second son, Henry Wilberforce. Fans will also see how Jill and husband Derick deal with their decision to go back to Central America to continue their mission despite deeming the place “dangerous.”

Younger Duggars will also take center stage. Joseph Duggar is seen asking permission from Kendra Caldwell’s father to court her. Another highlight is Joy-Anna’s engagement to Austin Forsyth. Austin let the cameras film him as he actually proposed to Joy-Anna in a romantic forest setting. The two will be married later this year.

Counting On Season 3 premieres on June 12 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Tell us! Do you think Jinger Duggar is indeed pregnant, or do you think people are putting too much pressure on the newlywed? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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