Joey Essex moving to America where he's not recognised

“I’ve worked at a fish market and got up at 2am and stunk of fish, but this is the hardest job I’ve ever had. We worked from 7am to 3am and only had one day off a week,” he says.

“We’re celebs and we have these guests telling us what to do. I was like: ‘Hold on a minute!’ But I always offer five-star service. To be honest, I could probably run a hotel by myself.”

A cross between Ibiza Weekender and The Hotel Inspector, Five Star Hotel sees Joey team up with Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews, Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan, Ex On The Beach hunk Ashley Cain and TOWIE ’s Lydia Bright, to run a luxury resort in Ios, Greece.

Guests who stay at the hotel then rate each celeb out of five.

Single Joey, 27, insists that, unlike fellow staffer Ashley, he didn’t sleep with any of the guests.

“There were five girls who all wanted to get with me, but if I got off with one of them, it would annoy the other four,” he shrugs.

One person who Joey wasn’t so popular with was Spencer.

“He’s the king of Chelsea and I know I’m the king of Essex, so we clash,” he says.

“But the next minute we’ll be cuddling each other. It’s a love/hate relationship.”

So what’s next for Joey?

“I’ve been asked to do Celebrity Big Brother a few times, but it’s hard to fit it in,” he admits.

“I’m going to America soon to meet agents. I’ve been offered presenting but I don’t feel like me when I
do it – all I want to do is be Joey Essex.

"I want a fresh start in America. In England I can’t walk down the street without a hat on.”

Five Star Hotel Weekdays, 10pm, E4

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