Kem Cetinay could be Dancing On Ice’s secret weapon as he shows off his moves on the ice ahead of first show

KEM Cetinay could be Dancing On Ice's secret weapon as the reality star showed off his impressive moves on the ice during rehearsals.

The ITV talent show kicks off this coming Sunday and the Love Island star will be competing against the likes of Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent and Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown.

Kem recently admitted he has found training hard but these pictures show he's a natural on the ice.

He looked confident as he led partner Alex Murphy around the rink and even completed a number of complicated moves before practising some lifts.

The 21-year-old couldn't help but smile as he prepared his first routine, which saw him swing Alex between his legs before spinning around and lifting her up.

The pair are clearly comfortable with each other after months of training but Kem denies they are romantically involved.

Kem split from girlfriend Amber Davies last month and says he's still in love with her despite their break up.

Speaking to this week’s Heat magazine, he says:  "I’m still in love with Amber as we’ve only just split.

"And, anyway, Alex my partner is ten years older than me and has a boyfriend!”

He adds: “I haven’t really been out since me and Amber split up, and it ended very amicably so, out of respect for her, I don’t want to be going out partying and getting with girls.

"I was really upset, and I’m not a big drinker or clubbing person anyway.”

But he didn't appear to rule out rekindling the romance in the future.

He says: “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but we’re having some space right now.

"Some people prefer having a toxic break up and cutting ties, but I’ll always care for Amber.”

Kem is currently focusing his energies on the ITV contest and is preparing for the show in some rather unusual ways.

He admits: “My mum keeps hearing these thuds at about 4am, so comes into my room and I’m up and doing stretches and lunges in my sleep.

"It’s so weird, but I’m constantly thinking about skating. And I’m worried about the lifts.

"All the other blokes are way over six foot, but when I pick up Alex, my professional skating partner, she’s still in front of my face. I’m only 5ft 10.”

"I’m not self-conscious about my height, I’ve just always wanted to be taller. But it’s never stopped me with girls.”

The 21-year-old confesses he felt a little daunted when he first started training for the show.

He says: “I was really demoralised at first as the other celebs picked it up really fast.

"I still can’t even touch my toes. But I’ve become a bit obsessive about it.

"I had a month’s training before I met Alex and was supposed to be able to skate backwards and do turns, so when she first came to training, she had her head in her hands when she saw I could hardly stand up.

"But I’m getting better, and I’m putting the Kem touch on my routines.”'s%20Kem%20Cetinay%20shows%20off%20his%20stellar%20moves%20on%20the%20ice” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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