Kim Zolciak Twinning With 2 Of Her Daughters: Ariana, 16, Looks Like Mom & Sis Brielle — Pic

Talk about a triple threat! Kim’s genes must be strong AF because her oldest daughters both look exactly like her. Stare at this pic for too long and you won’t be able to tell who’s who!

Did Kim Zolciak, 40,  give birth to her eldest daughters or clone them? Sometimes it’s seriously hard to tell. Ariana, 16, and Brielle Biermann, 21, are the spitting images of their mom — and each other! We wouldn’t blame you for thinking they were twins, especially in the latest pic Kim posted of them on Instagram. Captioned “The Biermann Babes,” the selfie of her and her two daughters is mind-blowing. With the same pink pout and center-parted blond waves, these three look scary alike sitting side by side. At the very least, they must have had their hair and makeup done by the same people, right? From the roots, to the brows, to the contouring, they’re all the SAME. Whoa!

The crazy thing is, Ariana and Brielle have different dads and are technically half-sisters. The Don’t Be Tardy star gave birth to Brielle, her first of six children, in 1997 and chose not to reveal the name of her father. Ariana, on the other hand, was welcomed to the world by Kim and her first husband Daniel Toce in 2001, two years before their divorce. So even though the two lovely ladies have been adopted by Kim’s current hubby, NFL free agent Kroy Biermann, they only share genes from their mom’s side. So the fact that they could pass for twins, even with a five-year age difference, is pretty crazy.

Obviously, some of the similarities have to do with their matching beauty routine and dye jobs — plus don’t forget their lip injections! Kim has been very vocal about hers in the past, even speaking on Watch What Happens Live! when Brielle got her lips done, as well. And although Ariana’s own injections haven’t been confirmed, her before and after pics have everyone pretty suspicious. But while those plump pouts could have a lot to do with the uncanny similarities between these three, our minds aren’t any less blown.

Is it too much to ask for this hot mom to post a group shot of her and her entire brood? We’d kill to have Kaia, Kroy, Kash and Kane join the selfie party. Is it possible they all look this much alike?

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