Kit Harington Acted a Fool in a NYC Bar, and Daenerys Would Not Approve

In a strange (and slightly humorous) turn of events, Kit Harington was kicked out of an NYC bar on Friday night for “drunk and disorderly” behavior. Would Daenerys approve? Probably not, but hey, that relationship has bigger issues.

According to TMZ, the Game of Thrones star had one too many drinks at New York establishment, Barfly, which resulted in a major freakout. In the video below, Harington stumbles around and tries to get everyone to play pool. Eventually, he’s asked to leave, but at some point he re-enters the bar to continue with his shenanigans.

TMZ alleges he was “banging on the table, grabbing at pool cues, and getting in peoples’ faces.” If the video is any indication, though, there were also lots of warm embraces.

We imagine Harington is now safely at home with his fiancée, Rose Leslie (formerly known as Ygritte), lamenting his life choices in stylish all-black sleepwear.

Their wedding will reportedly take place some time in 2018, as Harington has asked his producer to give the GOT cast one day off from Season 8 production.

Cheers, Kit!


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