Liam Payne reveals girlfriend Cheryl picked unconventional name Bear for their baby son as he prefers more ‘traditional names’: ‘I wasn’t going to fight her about it’

Liam Payne has revealed that Cheryl picked the name Bear for their son [FLYNET]

Opinion was then divided among fans when it was announced that the former One Direction singer Liam Payne and popstar Cheryl had chosen to name their little boy Bear.

And, according to The Sun, Liam has let slip that it was Cheryl who had the deciding factor in the naming process of their first child.

When discussing his new family life, he also affectionally referred to former X Factor judge Cheryl, 33, as “the Mrs.”

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne picked the unconventional name for their son [Wenn]

While in the US, Liam said: “I’m into more traditional names, the Mrs . . . she’s more into more unique, original names that people will remember.”

He continued: “It was her choice. I wasn’t going to fight her about it, she’s the one who’s done all the work, isn’t she?”

Liam has been forced to spend precious time away from his baby son as he prepares to launch his solo career.

Cheryl and Liam Payne are new parents[Liam Payne/Twitter]

Hi first single Strip That Down is set to be released next week and the 23-year-old has treated fans to a teaser of the tune on Instagram.

However, new dad Liam has been using technology to stay connected with Cheryl and Bear.

“We’re always Facetiming and the other day he smiled at me for the first time, it was so special. I just want to spend every moment with him but she (Cheryl) is so great, she does everything on her own, she’s been amazing.”

Cheryl recently welcomed her first baby with Liam Payne [Liam Payne/Instagram]
Liam Payne is about to release his first solo song[Liam Payne/Facebook]

The singer previously revealed that since becoming a dad he has become more emotional.

Liam even admitted that he now even finds himself welling up during some television ads.

Louis Tomlinson’s friend explained: “I’m quite good at holding it together but I have got a lot worse of late. Adverts and things make me cry.

“I think I’m getting more emotional as time goes by, especially with everything that’s happening in my life at the moment,” he added to Rollacoaster magazine.


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