Lil Xan Surrounds Himself With Models In Skimpy Lingerie — Making Noah Cyrus Jealous

Noah Cyrus who? Lil Xan is celebrating his single status by surrounding himself with scantily clad models. We’ve got the racy photo.

Lil Xan doesn’t seem to be mourning his breakup with singer Noah Cyrus, and instead is surrounding himself with nearly naked women. The 22-year-old rapper had a huge smile on his face as he posted photos to his Instagram stories on Sept. 13 with scantily clad ladies in sexy lingerie. One model had on a cut-out red bra that barely covered her nipples with one red strap down her chest that attached to a red thong bottom. Another hottie with a voluptuous chest wore a black one piece with a huge open front that exposed tons of cleavage. Xan looked REALLY happy to be in their company.

In the sexy pics, Xan is showing off his two newest facial tattoos, one of which is a tribute to the late Mac Miller. The 26-year-old rapper died from an alleged drug overdose on Sept. 7, and Xan had the phrase “Memento Mori” inked above his eye, which translates into “Remember death.” He debuted the new tatt in an IG pic on Sept. 9, writing “miss you Mac, y’all can start hating me now.” Later in the day he added three massive dark tears running down from his eye.

Xan — real name Diego Leanos —  is pretty bitter about his short-lived romance with Noah, who he claims “used” him to get more cred in the music insdustry. In a Sept. 5 Instagram live he went off on her, saying “When I say Noah Cyrus, I’m trying to get her more famous, no, I’m trying (to make) her music (more famous). I’m more poppin’ music wise than her. That’s fact, big facts. I’m not saying she’s using me for more fame. I’m saying she’s using me to get more poppin’ in the music industry.” Brutal!  The two collaborated on the single “Live or Die” together, which dropped on Aug. 19.

“Like, ummm I can’t even name one of her songs, ‘Again’ or something? She just uses rappers to get clout, to get her more poppin in the music world ’cause she’s already poppin’ in the celebrity world but she wants to get more popping in the music world. And that’s where Columbia stepped in and said ‘let’s get you more poppin’. We have Lil Xan here, he’s more relevant in the music industry right now than you, so let’s team this up,’” he added in his rant. Noah claimed the opposite while they were still together. She said on Aug. 13 that he slid into her DM’s back in February but she only checked them out for the first time over the summer and that’s how they ended up collaborating.

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