Lindsay Lohan ‘owes US government £75k’ after failing to pay her taxes

TROUBLED movie star Lindsey Lohan owes the US government a reported £75,000 in taxes.

The 31-year-old actress, who no longer resides in her native America, allegedly owes $100,710.55 from 2010, 2014 and 2015, according to People.

The Mean Girls star and former child actress now mostly appears in TV shows including Sky's Sick Note and 2 Broke Girls.

The natural redhead has also moved her life to Dubai and London, saying she thinks this keeps her private life out of the headlines.

She told Entertainment Tonight recently: “I love living in New York, but I do love the serenity and peace that I find living in the Middle East because there are no cameras in Dubai and I can actually focus on what I want to do in life.

"I don’t always have to be scrutinised every second. I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to. And I think that’s really important.”

But the star – who has previously struggled with addiction and had six stints in jail – has continued to court controversy.

She most recently caused a stir by defending serial sex pest Harvey Weinstein.


She also slammed critics of Donald Trump this year, telling them to "stop bullying" him.

Earlier this month she also posted video showing her hanging out with a Korean wrestler and billionaire playboy.

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