Lisa Appleton claims she was almost the victim of a Chloe Ayling style kidnap plot

LISA Appleton has claimed she was almost the victim of a Chloe Ayling style kidnap plot.

Mum-of-one Chloe was reportedly taken captive by the "Black Death" group in July 2017 before being freed six days later.

She claimed masked men snatched her after luring her to Milan with promises of a lucrative photoshoot which turned out to be fake.

She told police she was then drugged and stuffed inside a bag before being auctioned on the dark web for £250,000.

Speaking in a video on YouTube, Lisa told of how she offered huge sums to fly to Morocco for a shoot by someone who was pretending to be the CEO of a huge beauty brand.

She said: "They were offering to pay £15,000 straight into my bank, and £35,000 for the shoot.

“It sounds too good to be true. They wanted to meet me in London on my own but my agent said she wouldn’t send me on my own until she knew who they were.

Lisa then told of how the man claiming to be the CEO of a major beauty brand said he was working with the owner of a porn empire.

She added: "It all seemed a little bit dodgy. It reminds me of Chloe Ayling.”

The reality star said her and her agent realised something wasn't right when they started getting unprofessional emails.

One email said they wanted Lisa to "appear in 3 of our adult magazines and also 2 adult films, obviously we would be offering good money for this".

After the bogus offer, Lisa is now warning her fellow celebs against going with deals that are "just too good to be true".

She said: “It just shows girls, you’ve got to be careful because when you’re offered thousands into your bank straight away for a couple of photoshoots and videos and they’re claiming to be these big names, it seems quite tempting.

"But it might end up like the movie Taken where you’re used – and then don’t come back home.

"Luckily I'm street wise and so is my agent but how many girls have done it or would do it? You have to be very, very careful."


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