Liz Hurley caught handcuffed wearing a sexy French maid outfit on US soap opera The Royals

She plays Queen Helena in US soap opera The Royals — and gets a grilling from her mum, the Grand Duchess, played by Dame Joan Collins, 84.

Liz’s 16-year-old son Damian makes a guest appearance as a prince in the ­episode.

The actress, 52, posed next to the 16-year-old while wearing a French maid's outfit complete with fishnet stockings and black stiletto heels.

Damian found himself sandwiched between his famous mum and her co-star Dame Joan Collins during a break from filming The Royals.

Clearly unashamed of his mum's sexy outfit, Damian uploaded the picture to his Instagram account.

He captioned the pic: "The Unholy Trinity".

The Royals, which airs on the E! network in America, tells the tale of a fictional British royal family, and Joan plays the mother of Liz's character.

There’s no one better to play a monarch than Liz, 52 — she’s showbiz royalty.

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