Love Island star Adam Collard’s ’secret messages’ to ex Rosie revealed

Adam Collard has faced a bit of flack since he left the Love Island villa – mainly self inflicted considering he decided to declare his undying love to Zara McDermott on live TV…

But despite claiming to be a changed man, the show’s resident heart-breaker has been finding it hard to shake off that bad-boy persona as reports emerged he’s been ‘secretly messaging’ former flame Rosie Williams.


Y’know, after he brutally dumped her as soon as Zara walked through the villa doors.

Anyway, it looks like 22-year-old Adam is sick and tired of trying to defend himself and has taken drastic measures to prove he’s a man of his word by publicly sharing these ‘secret messages’.

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And to the whole nations surprise, the exchange is all very above-board and – we hate to say it – totally and utterly mundane. Where’s the Love Island drama gone, people?!

In one text, the sender – thought to be Rosie – writes: ‘No hard feelings anyways – I definitely want us to be friends. We did have fun when we weren’t bickering haha x’.

Not giving much away, personal trainer Adam then adds: ‘Yeah it’s always best get on now for coming out and all the press’.

To which Rosie responds: ‘Regardless of the press I never wanted us to argue the way we did anyways. I always wanted us to be friends x’.

Again keeping things brief, Adam replies: ‘Great well I’m pleased and it’s good to see you doing well’, before Rosie admits she misses the villa.

To be honest, if we were Rosie we’d be more offended by the fact he hasn’t even bothered saving her phone number…

Has this leopard changed it’s spots? Prove us all wrong, Adam!

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