Love Island’s Kady McDermott accuses Gabby Allen of rushing out fitness app and using a ‘template’ – claiming no-one can ‘compare’ it to her own

KADY McDermott has accused Gabby Allen of rush-releasing a basic fitness app which has no chance of competing with her own.

The Love Island star claimed her Body Goals app, out later this week, was in production for 6 months while Gabby merely used a “template” to design hers.

Personal trainer Gabby shot up the iTunes charts after launching new app Shape Up With Gabby Allen last week but Kady insists she isn’t intimidated by the competition.

In an exclusive interview Kady said: “Obviously there is competition but my app was in the process of being made while she was on Love Island.

"I know her app has basically already been made – it has been templated.

“It is completely different to mine. People can’t even compare our apps. The features she has on hers are nothing like mine. I have 8 week plans but she has examples of exercises.

“She released hers a week before mine so I naturally feel there is competition but you have to pay for her app so even though she was at the top of iTunes I will never be compared to her in that way if that makes sense.

“I am happy because I’ve seen her app and it is completely different to mine. We have different clientele if that makes sense. I had my website Bikini Plan for nearly a year and I had a lot of customers from that already.”

Gabby is the second star from the 2017 series of Love Island to be slammed by Kady after she also claimed Amber Davies didn’t have “genuine” feelings for Kem.

She said: “I wasn’t surprised to hear Amber and Kem had split. Amber is not as genuine as Kem. I wasn’t impressed by her on the show.

“I’ve never met Amber – and I don’t plan on meeting her either. She has blocked me on Twitter actually. People forget it was my series that got the ratings up. We made the show big.”


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