Mark Wright branded ’riff raff’ by Hugh Grant who jokes ’you’re lucky I’m speaking to you at all’ in US TV show interview

MARK Wright was branded "riff-raff" by Hugh Grant during a US TV show interview.

The former Towie star also caused confusion after claiming he's from London – despite rising to fame because of his Essex roots.

Mark was chatting to Hugh Grant as the award-winning actor promotes his latest flick, Paddington 2.

Mark said: "I'm from London too but we kind of speak a little different. People from my neck of woods would say you speak like a royal compared to me."

Hugh quipped: "Yeah, you're riff-raff, mate."

The actor joked: "It's nice of me to talk to you at all," leaving Mark in hysterics.

Mark recently made headlines after hinting that his wife Michelle Keegan could move to LA to live with him and admitting that he wants his own chat show.

The former Towie star relocated to the US last year after landing his dream job on TV show Extra, while Michelle has spent much of the last year travelling the world filming Our Girl.

But speaking about their future in an interview with The Telegraph, the 30-year-old suggested Michelle might be heading Stateside – as Hollywood is “every actress’s dream”.

He said: “We’ll see what happens. I think if you’re an actress you want to come to Hollywood, right?

"She’ll come out here, we’ll enjoy the sunshine and see how we go.

He added: “At the moment, this is the path that’s opened up for me, and this is the path I must follow.”

During the interview, Mark revealed he would love to follow in James Corden’s footsteps and get his own chat show.

James landed the top job on The Late, Late Show in 2015 and has become a huge star in the US since – much to the surprise of UK fans.

Mark gushed: “I’d love to be a talk show host . I’m very intrigued in how people made it, interested in their lives. I’m interviewing people every day, all different people.”


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