Martine McCutcheon: What Loose Women is REALLY like

Martine McCutcheon has released a comeback album called Lost and Found [PH]

Martine McCutcheon, 41, – whose new album Lost and Found is out now – is a regular on the Loose Women panel, where the ladies often discuss their love lives, health concerns, family insights and news topics.

The show recently celebrated its 18th anniversary and has seen a variety of soap actors, reality stars and even Hollywood a-listers join the Loose ladies over the years.

While the ITV programme is a regular hot topic for the stories celebrities reveal on there, life behind the scenes is not often revealed.

Martine McCutcheon and the Loose Women ladies were joined by Nelly Furtado earlier this year [Wenn]

But Martine has shed some light on what the programme and its team are really like, and only had kind words for the daytime show.

“They’re the most lovely people in TV I’ve ever worked with – they’re just adorable people,” the Say I’m Not Alone singer told OK! Online.

“The whole team – the producers, directors, everybody. There’s a real fun spirit and they do, once you’re one of them, they do really look after you, they have your back.

Martine McCutcheon has returned with a brand new album [Wenn]

“It’s quite rare in TV, it’s quite a ruthless game. So it’s really lovely and it’s really real and genuine.”

Despite gushing about the Loose Women team, Martine revealed she doesn’t hang out with them too often.

“Not loads, because Rafferty is still so young, but we do hang out a little bit. Me and Stacey [Solomon] have hung out a little bit, me and Linda [Robson] have a bit of lunch sometimes afterwards, but no major nights out,” she added.

Martine McCutcheon and Stacey Solomon outside ITV Studios [Wenn]
Martine McCutcheon shared this saucy snap to show off her weight loss [Instagram ]

“Andrea invited us over for a BBQ at her’s. So yeh it does all go on!”

Along with the release of her new album and UK tour later this year, Martine recently revealed she feels “confident and sexy” after losing a stone.

She stunned fans this summer after sharing a half-naked selfie to show off her new figure.


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