Meghan Markle Will Turn Into A ‘Limping Bimbo’ If She Keeps Wearing High Heels, Says One Royal Watcher

Liz Jones says Meghan Markle is not being a ‘true feminist’ with her fashion choices.

Liz Jones is a longtime royal watcher and a commentator for the Daily Mail, whose latest preferred subject is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

In her latest article for the outlet, she makes fun of Meghan Markle — and, specifically, her fashion choice of wearing four-inch high heels — and says she’s going to become a “limping bimbo” if she continues to wear heels instead of flats.

And that’s not the first time she has used the term “bimbo” to describe the Duchess of Sussex. In fact, she also says that Meghan is “as cliched and colonized as the most mahogany-hued bimbo on Love Island.”

Jones says that the duchess’s shoes often retail for 500 GBP, or $750 USD, which is more than double of what the queen spends on her more “sensible” flat shoes.

But, says Jones, it’s not the financial cost that has criticizing, it’s the “physical and emotional cost” that does. She says that “high heels ruin lives,” and she knows from first-hand experience, because she used to wear them all the time as a magazine editor, and ended up with “horrible feet” filled with bunions, hammertoes, and fallen arches.

Jones said that she’d like to caution Meghan Markle about wearing stiletto heels, and compared it to the Chinese practice of foot-binding and the African practice of female genital mutilation.

“Of course I understand why she wears stilettos: they make her taller; she feels feminine, if not a feminist,” she writes.

While Jones’s claims of Meghan being a “limping bimbo” are a bit much, she does have a point about the detriment that high heels can cause.

According to the Spine Health Institute, in addition to causing problems with your feet, high heels cause the hips and spine to come out of alignment, increase the pressure on the balls of the feet, and place excess pressure on the knees.

Over time, those who wear high heels extensively will find themselves suffering from shortened calf muscles and thickened tendons.

The Spine Health Institute recommends that women don’t wear heels greater than one-inch high, if they must wear them at all. They also recommend that women buy a variety of shoes, and rotate the types of shoes they wear from day-to-day.

Also, there’s one other thing that Meghan Markle should consider if she wants to maintain proper foot health: avoiding pointed-toe heels, which can cause hammertoes over a period of time.

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