Miley Cyrus Reveals Plan To “Take Advantage” Of Blake Shelton On “The Voice”

Miley Cyrus is ready to return to The Voice for Season 13, and she has a plan to win over the country music fans who usually support Blake Shelton.

During her recent interview with Billboard, Miley touched on a lot of different topics, including her gig coaching aspiring music stars on The Voice. Being on the show forced the former Hannah Montana star to pay attention to what country music fans think about her, and she admits that this was a painful experience.

“The fact that ­country music fans are scared of me, that hurts me,” Cyrus revealed.

According to the International Business Times, some fans of The Voice were so turned off by Miley’s “explicit sexual leanings” that they threatened to boycott Season 11 of the show. They even created a petition begging NBC to replace Miley. However, the “Wrecking Ball” singer isn’t shunning fans who don’t like her. According to Miley, being on The Voice has inspired her to reach out to the conservative country music fans who are some of her fiercest critics.

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Cyrus seemingly believes that her political views and her outrageous outfits are what country music fans take issue with, and she’s working on changing her image. In a recent Instagram post, she revealed that her future music—including that on her upcoming pop-rock album—will be less explicit. Instead of singing about sex and excessively using the f-word, Cyrus plans on writing “positive powerful lyrics.”

“I am proud to be an artist with out borders and thankful for the opportunity to explore so many different styles/ sounds!” she wrote.

Miley is also taking a break from smoking weed, and she’s going to keep her chest a little more covered up from now on.

“I don’t think those people are going to listen to me when I’m sitting there in nipple pasties, you know?” she said of changing her look to appeal to country music fans.

“All the ­nipple pastie s**t, that’s what I did because I felt it was part of my political movement, and that got me to where I am now. I’m evolving, and I surround myself with smart people that are evolved.”

Blake Shelton is one of the “evolved” people Miley Cyrus plans on spending more time around. When she returns to her rotating red chair for Season 13 of The Voice, she’s hoping that befriending Blake will help her win over country music fans.

“I’m down for hanging with Blake [Shelton],” she said. “I actually want to take ­advantage of the fact that he’s there, [because] his fans don’t really take me seriously as a ­country artist.”

Luckily for Miley, Blake was already a fan before he coached alongside her on Season 11 of The Voice. As Entertainment Tonight reports, he told talk show host Chelsea Handler that he didn’t know Miley all that well before spending time around her on The Voice, but she did manage to make a positive impression on him.

“I like Miley,”he confessed.

Blake Shelton may prove to be one of the biggest supporters of the new Miley Cyrus. He’s said that Miley’s singing really impresses him, but he thinks that her talent is overshadowed by her crazy costumes, twerking, and tongue-wagging.

“I feel like her antics sometimes keep people from realizing what an incredible singer she is,” he said.

During her Billboard interview, Miley tried to make the case that she has just as much country music street cred as Blake, pointing out that living legend Dolly Parton is her ­”f**king ­godmother.” She’s also the daughter of one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus, and she was so proud of the autograph she got from Johnny Cash that she had it tattooed on her body. It reads, “I’m in your corner.”

However, Miley hasn’t recorded a country music album, and Blake has already warned her that the playing the Dolly Parton card doesn’t impress him much. If she wants to become his new BFF during Season 13, talking about her country music connections isn’t going to cut it.

“Don’t play that Dolly Parton-goddaughter bulls**t on me,” he said in a preview for Season 11 of The Voice, as reported by Rolling Stone.

If Miley Cyrus really wants to spend more time hanging out with Blake Shelton during Season 13, she might want to quit giving her tongue such a workout. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Blake has complained that his fellow coach talks too much. He got so tired of hearing her voice during Season 11 of The Voice that he brought a pair of “Miley-proof” earmuffs with him to work.

Do you think Miley Cyrus will ever be as popular with country music fans as Blake Shelton is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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