Miriam Margolyes drops the F-word during live interview on Peston On Sunday

MIRIAM Margolyes shocked viewers when she dropped the F-word during a live interview on today's Peston On Sunday.

No stranger to causing havoc on live TV, the veteran actress added a bit of colour to proceedings while chatting to Robert Peston.

She opened up about her audition for 1981 film Reds and how she was told to meet Warren Beatty in his trailer.

"I’m going to use a bad word, can I use that in the morning on a Sunday?" she asked.

Peston said she could and maybe didn't expect what she said next.

She continued: "Well when I went for an interview for Reds a long time ago, I was told I could only see him in his trailer.

"So I knocked at the door, in the lunch hour, and he said 'come in', I opened the door, he looked me up, down, up – and said 'Do you f**k?'."

Peston gasped and interrupted saying: "Apparently we can’t say that – I’ve just been told."

"Oh well," she said before finishing her story by adding: "So I said, 'yes but not you'."

"He then said, 'Why not?' and I replied: 'Because I’m a lesbian.'

"He then said: 'Can I watch?' and I told him to just pull yourself together and let’s get on with the interview.”

"I got the part so if you're tough enough – and I am – it doesn't affect you but it's in the workplace that it matters.

"If people say 'let me do this to you and you'll get a job' – that has to stop.

"And the only way to stop that is to have somebody in charge who has nothing to do with the organisational structure to whom people can go and complain."

Miriam hit the headlines last year when she launched into a shock rant on the BAFTA red carpet when asked if she'd seen Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The 75-year-old starred as Professor Sprout in 2001's Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and the 2011 finale of the franchise, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Asked on the BAFTA red carpet if she had seen the latest instalment in J.K Rowling's franchise, Miriam ranted: "Don't be ridiculous! Of course not! I'm not interested in Harry Potter anymore."

When asked why someone who starred in the movie franchise and is an esteemed theatre actor wouldn't have an interest in seeing the production, Miriam continued her epic rant:

"Because it's over for me. What's the matter with you? How old are you? 12 and a half?! Do me a favour."

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5338179/miriam-margolyes-drops-the-f-word-during-live-interview-on-peston-on-sunday/

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