How old is Cheryl, when was her baby son with Liam Payne born and will she return to the X Factor?

CHERYL came into the public eye as a Geordie lass hopeful on a talent show and since then she has barely looked back.

Now she's settled down with Liam Payne and has a son, Bear and a sucessful career – here's the full lowdown on her…

The Geordie lass may have had humble beginnings but all that has changed now.

According to Spears, the 34-year-old singer is worth £20million, which was increased by a modest £89,724 since last year.

Much of her fortune comes from her pop career, including £7m from Girls Aloud.

Cheryl also reportedly pocketed £1.8million for appearing on X Factor last year – a £300k pay rise from her last series.

The star is reported to spend an incredible £250k on her looks every year, including £4k on hair extensions and £9k on dental work, according to Now magazine.

As well as her earnings from music and The X Factor, Cheryl has a string of other assets and businesses that have made her a tidy profit.

The singer's autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, has sold 275,000 copies, and generated £2.5million by February 2013.

She joined the L'Oréal team as a new face of 2009, which increased her earnings to a reported £5.7m.

Her performing arts company CC Couture, which she launched to channel her earnings, is reported to be worth £1.26m.

She also reportedly owns an apartment in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, a Bugatti Veyron and and Audi R8.

In 2015, she bought a mansion near St Albans in Radlett, Herts., worth around £5m.

Cheryl has also released a number of perfumes, with the third Storm Flower Noir estimated to have brought in £1.4m.

Cheryl shot to fame with Girls Aloud after appearing on reality show Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.

The girls' debut song Sound of the Underground topped the UK Singles Chart, and their subsequent album went platinum in 2003.

The band achieved an impressive 20 successive top ten singles in the UK – including four number ones – as well as six platinum albums, becoming the most successful reality TV group of all time.

By  May 2010 the group had amassed a fortune of £30million by May 2010.

Cheryl joined the X Factor panel in June 2008, mentoring winners Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry.

After being "axed" from the US version of the show, she sued production company Blue Orbit in 2012, receiving a £1.1 million payout for the first series, and an undisclosed settlement for the second, reports Spears.


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In April 2009, Cheryl released her debut solo album 3 Words, which went platinum and topped the UK charts.

Single Fight for This Love was 2009's fourth best selling single, while singles 3 Words and Parachute also made the top five.

Her second album Messy Little Raindrops topped the charts in 2010, while third album A Million Lights went to number two in 2012.

Girls Aloud went on a lucrative million-selling tour in March 2013 before announcing their split.

While Cheryl's fourth album Only Human only made it to number seven in the charts, singles Crazy Stupid Love and I Don't Care both topped the charts – making Cheryl the only British female solo artist to have five number one singles.

Cheryl has gained quite the collection of tattoos across her time in the limelight.

The most major of which is a giant backpiece of giant roses which covers her lower back and bum.

It covered previous designs including the cartoon Tweety Bird on her bum and a butterfly with a tribal patteern on her back.

She also has a delicate etching between her breasts, which she revealed just weeks before rumours of her pregnancy started circulating.

The star has a string of tiny tattoos, including a teeny heart on the middle finger of her right hand with a tribal design running down her little finger and palm.

As well as these, she also has a tattoo around her thigh and when she was married to footballer Ashley Cole, between 2006 and 2010, she had "Mrs C" proudly displayed on the back of her neck.

But after she split from him, citing "unreasonable behaviour" in their divorce papers, she reportedly had it removed which is no surprise considering he'd admitted to cheating with multiple women.

Cheryl went on to marry French businessman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in 2014, after three months of dating.

They split in early 2016 when she began seeing current boyfriend Liam Payne and divorced in October that year.

Liam revealed that Cheryl was the one that chose the name Bear for their child, born in March 2017.

In an interview about his upcoming solo material, Liam revealed: “The reason she chose Bear in the end was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room you won’t forget. And I like that. When I look at him he is Bear.

“To be honest at first I wasn’t having it, I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t sure. Now I look at him and he is Bear. It’s mad.”

He later added: "I’m into more traditional names, the Mrs . . . she’s more into more unique, original names that people will remember.

“It was her choice. I wasn’t going to fight her about it, she’s the one who’s done all the work, isn’t she?"

Cheryl's surname has changed many times over the years, due to her being married twice.

First she was Cheryl Tweedy (her maiden name) , then she changed it to Cheryl Cole when she married Ashley Cole, then she was Cheryl Fernandez Versini, during her short lived marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

After she divorced the Frenchman she simply went by"Cheryl".

Now, The Sun can reveal that she has officially changed her name back to Cheryl Tweedy.

The Sun exclusively reported that Cheryl is set for a sensational return to The X Factor — replacing Nicole Scherzinger as a judge.

She is on the verge of agreeing a £1.5million deal to help revive the ITV talent show’sflagging fortunes.

It came two weeks after the 34-year-old singer impressed with a cameo appearance at boss Simon Cowell’s Judge’s House, leading fans to demand a permanent return.

A show source said yesterday: “It looks like Cheryl will be back next year. Simon knows Nicole is likely to leave and he wants a big name, and some much-needed glamour on the panel.

“He knows he will get that with Cheryl and she would be a really popular signing and a huge hit."

The former Girls Aloud star first appeared as an X Factor judge in 2008, winning twice with Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry.

She quit in 2011, then returned for two series in 2014.


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