How old is Paddy McGuinness, who is his wife Christine, how many children do they have, and what shows has he been in?

PADDY McGuinness first burst onto our TV screens 17 years ago as the comedy partner of pal Peter Kay.

He's since become a household name presenting Take Me Out and reviving the TV dating show genre – here's everything you need to know about him.

Paddy was born Patrick Joseph McGuinness in Farnworth, Lancashire on August 14 1973.

The 44-year-old was born to an Irish father from County Tipperary, but was raised in Farnworth, Lancashire.

He made is TV debut in 1995 as a contestant on a series of dating shows, including Davina McCall fronted God's Gift, however, his big break came by landing a role with his friend Peter Kay on his show That Peter Kay Thing.

Paddy is married to wife Christine – a former Miss Liverpool, online influencer and exercise guru.

The couple married in 2011 at Thornton Manor in Wirral after three years together.

Paddy and Christine have three children – twins Penelope and Leo, four, and daughter Felicity, 10 months.

Christine has tracked her pregnancies online after she struggled to conceive due to suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

In July 2017, Christine also revealed in a poem on the twins' fourth birthday that Penelope and Leo both suffer from autism.

The couple has since spoken out about how they came to terms with the diagnosis, admitting they 'grieved' for their twins before adapting their lives and parenting techniques to help them.

Paddy has become most known in recent years as the tongue-in-cheek host of dating show Take Me Out.

During the series he has become famed for his catchphrases – including 'No Likey, No Lighty' and the ever-changing 'Let the ….See The…" quip.

The presenter has been on the show since 2016, and remains one of ITV's most-loved Saturday night TV shows.

In 2000 he starred in old friend Peter Kay’s show That Peter Kay Thing before joining Kay’s new comedy series.

The award-winning Phoenix Nights saw the star as doorman Paddy O’Shea, working alongside fellow bouncer Max Bygraves, one of many characters played by Peter.

This led to the pair of them teaming up as a duo for the sitcom Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere in 2004.

Paddy has a six episode arc on the long-running Manchester based soap in 2015.

He played Dougie Ryan, a holidaymaker on a campsite that a group of Corrie residents went to visit.

Across the week, he proved to be a stick in the mud who was obsessed with life in the great outdoors – considering himself somewhat of a camping Bear Grylls.

His episodes were generally well-received as comic relief for the week, but he has never returned to the soap.

Paddy joined forces with Keith Lemon to recreate a string of famed movies for their series, The Keith and Paddy Picture Show.

This included hilarious send ups of Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters and Jaws and was typically followed by the original film on ITV1.

In 2017 Paddy hosted a 60-minute special celebrating the biggest names in pop music by bringing together the world’s top tribute artists for a glamorous night of performing and competing.

Even Better Than The Real Thing brought together performances from cover bands and acts who are quite simply the very best in the game.




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