Sasha Obama’s REAL name discovered: Internet goes into meltdown after discovering former US president Barack Obama’s daughter is actually called Natasha

Sasha Obama actually has a different birth name [Getty]

As former president of the United States, or POTUS as he was also known, Barack Obama is a name that almost everyone in the world would be aware of.

Even after being replaced by Donald Trump, he’s often in the spotlight, along with his family, wife Michelle and daughters Sasha, who just celebrated her 16th birthday, and Malia, now 18.

However Twitter practically went into meltdown after the news resurfaced that Sasha isn’t actually his youngest daughter’s real name.

Her birth name is actually Natasha, and people couldn’t deal with the revelation.

Michelle Obama, and former U.S. President Barack Obama originally named Sasha, Natasha [Getty]

“Today is the one year anniversary of me finding Sasha Obama’s actual first name is Natasha,” wrote Twitter user features writer Ashley C. Ford announced to her 83k followers, and no one could handle the revelation.

“Today I found out Sasha Obama’s first name is actually Natasha and everything I know is a lie,” one Twitter user replied.

Another said: “Sasha Obama is actually Natasha Obama? I feel dumb and deceived.”

Sasha recently celebrated her 16th birthday.

The Internet went into shock [Twitter]
People couldn’t believe it  [Twitter]
People couldn’t get over Sasha’s REAL name [Twitter]

She was just seven when Barack became president, and grew up in the White House.


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