Seven struggles you’ll only know if your birthday is in December: From receiving Christmas birthday gifts to dealing with friends’ festive hangovers

You’ll only know if you were born in December [E!]

It’s finally December and all anyone can talk about it Christmas gifts, Christmas holidays and Christmas cheer.

Meanwhile, you’re busy preparing yourself for the inevitable struggles on their way. 

Why? Because you were born in December. 

So here’s the ultimate seven struggles you’ll only understand if your parents had the cheek to conceive you nine months before the 25 December.

Your birthday is one week away from Christmas and of course, your friends and family being the lazy people you know they are, decide it’s totally fine to wrap your birthday gift with Christmas wrapping paper. 

When we receive a gift wrapped in Christmas paper  [GIPHY]


It’s not fine. This day is all about you, and you don’t deserve to open presents wrapped in tacky paper covered with snowmen. 

Try again, friends and family. 

Everyone else gets two gifts a year; one on their birthday and one at Christmas.

When your friends try and give you a ‘two-in-one’ present [GIPHY]

You don’t care if it’s ‘convenient’ for your friends and family to get you one ‘big’ gift, everyone else gets two and so will you. 

No thank you, try again.

‘Oh it’s your birthday next week? I completely forgot with Christmas coming up’ – is NOT a good enough excuse.

Everyone is too interested in the festivities to care about you [GIPHY]

You don’t care how close to Christmas your birthday is, you deserve more than a last minute stocking-filler gift your friends have quickly wrapped to cover up the fact they’re the worst friends in the world and forgot.

There really isn’t much you can do or say when your friends and family start complaining about your birthday timing, in front of you. 

You can’t help when you were born  [GIPHY]

Well, except for: “I’m sorry I was born but deal with it and shower me with gifts.” 

Not that hard is it?

It’s your birthday, which means one thing – you want people to go hard. 

You will attend my birthday party and you will have fun  [GIPHY]

We’re talking multiple rounds of shots, dancing on tables and someone falling over at least once.

But no, none of your friends can stomach it because they were too busy the night before getting drunk at the Christmas party. 

Not good enough.

You can’t get a restaurant reservation or into a club on your birthday because it’s full of work Christmas parties and their aim in life is to ruin your big day.

Every night out is a disaster because of the Christmas parties [GIPHY]

Do they not know who you are?

Not only do you have to stress about finding something to do on your birthday, and making sure everyone is free – you also have to BUY presents… and their not even for you.

When it comes to December, it’s all about you [GIPHY]

December may be many things; festive, cold, busy.

But to you, it’s the one time of year you have to deal with this nonsense. 

So Merry Christmas to you December babies, for putting up with this rubbish every year. 


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